Rocking natural hair is all the rage when surrounded by supportive friends in online forums, but the real world is full of critics. Sometimes it only takes one cheeky remark from a family member or coworker to send you back to the mirror to rethink your naturally textured hairstyle. That said, here are a few tips from a naturalista post on that may help boost your self-esteem and insulate you from prickly hair-related barbs.

Join a group of naturals. Search for a meeting in your area. A range of different organizations and groups has sprouted in cities and towns throughout the country. And if one doesn’t already exist in your area, create one! No matter how disparaging some family members or how corporate your workplace, you’re sure to find others nearby who have faced the same hair-curling criticisms.

Do a photo shoot! Dress up, get stylish and take some glamorous headshots to show how great it can look to go natural. Share these gorgeous pictures with your friends on Twitter and Facebook. Not only will you receive compliments and “likes,” but you’ll also provide positive reinforcement to others.

Experiment with new hairstyles. One way to continue to have fun with your natural hair is to keep a collection of images of textured hairstyles you admire. Check the Internet or magazines, or you can compliment other natural sistas you see on the street and ask for permission to snap a picture of their hair. Then, when you get bored, you can channel the style or a variation of it to create a new look that reminds you why you’re so loving having gone natural.

OK, aspiring naturalistas, click here for hair advice. RH definitely supports you!