The California state attorney general’s office sued hair product manufacturer Brazilian Blowout Company for breaching the state’s Safe Cosmetics Act, which bans formaldehyde because the hazardous gas is a known carcinogen, reported AOL’s Stylist and Fox 40 News in Sacramento.

The Brazilian Blowout claims the product is an all-natural and formaldehyde-free hair straightening treatment. But after several Portland, Oregon, salon workers complained of eye irritation and nose burning, the Oregon Health and Science University tested the product and found formaldehyde levels as high as 10.6 percent.

If this is true, the company also violated Proposition 65, a law that requires posted signs warning salon customers about cancer-causing chemicals.

Brazilian Blowout maintained that labs analyzing the product used the wrong tests to identify its chemical components, but it admitted the product contained at least a small amount of formaldehyde per bottle.

Cali’s attorney general’s office sought to impose fines of $2,500 for each violation. In addition, the state also wants to collect $2,500 for every day the company failed to warn consumers about the formaldehyde in its product.

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