Here’s great news for those looking for a possible hair regrowth option. California aesthetic surgeon Simon Ourian, MD, claimed that Botox (an anti-winkle treatment) encouraged his mother’s hair growth after he injected her scalp with the treatment to cure her severe chemotherapy-related headaches, reported.

Botox is also used as a muscle relaxer and treatment for pain caused by various medical conditions.

During the last three years, Ourian ran numerous tests on volunteer patients at his Beverly Hills clinic to analyze Botox’s effectiveness as a hair loss treatment.

The result? A Botox injection for hair loss that works with vitamins believed to improve the scalp’s blood circulation and cell growth. Two to three treatments each year might reduce scalp tension and improve nutrient levels around the hair follicles, ultimately reactivating hair growth, Ourian said.

But don’t pack your bags and take a flight out to Cali just yet, hair loss experts said.

Researchers need to conduct more independent studies of Ourian’s findings before this treatment’s effectiveness and safety are confirmed and made available to everyone.

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