Ever thought your kid was scary smart? Well, one child, a four-year-old African American girl from New Orleans officially became the second youngest member of Mensa—the selective society that only admits the top two percent of the population with high IQs—after she scored above a 145 on intelligence tests, and placed in the top one percent of Mensans worldwide, the Grio reported.

Anala Beevers’s mother, Sabrina first noticed her daughter’s exceptional brain power when she learned the alphabet at only four months old, and then the numbers in both Spanish and English by the age of 18 months. If you watch this video, you’ll see that Anala is a whiz at naming the U.S. capitals and world countries, to name just a few of her exceptional abilities.

Anala is just two years older than the youngest person ever admitted to Mensa, Emmelyn Roettger, who was only two years old when asked to join the society. According to Mensa’s website, young geniuses aren’t as hard to come by as many people might think. There are currently 2,800 members under the age of 18 in Mensa, out of the 110,000 total members in the society from more than 100 countries.

Anala told reporters that she wants to become a nurse and enjoys playing with her older sister. Her parents said that their daughter is smarter than them.

“She keeps us on our toes,” said Landon Beevers, Anala’s dad. He thinks Anala deserves a reality television show. But for now, his super smart little girl will enjoy a normal, albeit more intellectually advanced childhood at home with her family.

Scientists are still discovering why exactly some people’s brains develop so differently than that of others who represent the national average. Click here for more information about evaluating your child’s brain activity for differences in their mental health. Sometimes, autism, mental illness, and even genius, can go undetected in our children for years.