If you’re considering signing up for insurance under President Obama’s Affordable Care Act, beware potential con artists. Crooks are already trying to steal money and personal information from people in the market for health insurance before the October 1 launch of the government’s online markets, reports The New York Times.

Officials said there have been several reports of scammers impersonating enrollment navigators—people hired by the government to help answer questions and enroll consumers into subsidized insurance plans. These fraudsters are trying to steal consumers’ credit card information, social security numbers, dates of birth and income data.

Officials cautioned consumers to be suspicious if they’re asked for payment while signing up for an insurance exchange because real “enrollment assisters” do not request money for this service.

What’s more, older folks with Medicare benefits should also be wary of anyone contacting them about signing up for coverage because they aren’t required to enroll. In addition, everyone should beware of any unsolicited phone calls from people asking for personal information, officials said.

“We will not tolerate anyone seeking to defraud consumers in the health insurance marketplace,” warned Kathleen Sebelius, the secretary of Health and Human Services (HHS), who held a meeting with officials from the Justice Department and Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to address growing concerns.

What should consumers do? RH suggests you take control of your own insurance enrollment process and pro-actively seek out an organization you know is legitimate before you sign up for coverage.

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