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Sick and Tired

This disease took actress Jennifer Esposito through the wringer.

The Fight Continues

Why diabetes is still such a huge problem for people of color.

Losing It All

How The Biggest Loser coach Dolvett Quince helps his TV teams drop hundreds of unwanted pounds and win back their self-esteem.

Puff Puff Goes Bye Bye

Will CVS dropping sales of tobacco products cause other chains to do the same?

What's Worst for Kids

Does a parent divorcing, dying, or serving time, hurt children more?

New Findings

Why even dim lighting can affect breast cancer meds.

Need a Trim?

Click here for more about this weekend's Cutting For a Cure 48-hour haircutting marathon and health education event.

Cover Yourself

B condoms CEO and RH blogger Jason Panda on what it will take for folks to regularly use condoms.

Quick Question

What country has the largest number of people living with diabetes?

Breaking the Pattern

Men who abuse their intimate partners can change, but there's one key requirement.

Kitchen Talk

Celebrity chef Charles Mattocks is poised to launch a TV show about managing diabetes by cooking and eating healthier meals.

Drug Testing

Is it ever OK to use medications past their expiration dates?

Opposite Reactions

Is there a link between humor and depression?

Knuckling Down

Fist bumps versus handshakes. What's better for health?

Pot for Pets?

Some animal lovers want marijuana treatments legalized for their dogs or cats.

Pool Rules

Know what you're getting into before you jump in!

Community Service Action

Why Reverend Run feels called to guide people into getting screened for diabetes.

Current Issue

Fitness coach Dolvett Quince of The Biggest Loser explains why his 3-1-2-1 diet helped so many overweight contestants on the show pare off the pounds they needed to regain their health and get fit.

Predicting Illness

Scientists are working on a test that may be able to tell if you'll get Alzheimer's disease.

Turn This Off!

Staying tuned into electronic devices may cause you to lose much needed sleep.

Money Waster?

Some docs say most vitamins don't do us one lick of good.

Baby Basics

Parent alert: Why antibiotics shouldn't be automatically prescribed for little ones' ailments.

They Report It.
We Bring It To You.

U2’s Bono Wears Sunglasses Because He Has Glaucoma

Black Diabetics Three Times More Likely to Lose a Leg to the Disease

Can Stem Cells Yield a 'Functional Cure' for Type 1 Diabetes?

$175M for Mental Health Treatment to Help 22.5% of U.S. Adults

3 Popular Ways to Conceal Hair Loss

A Stylist’s Advice On Extensions: Do Them Right or Not At All

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"Swimming, cycling, jogging, skiing, aerobic dancing, walking or any of dozens of other activities can help your heart. They all cause you to feel warm, perspire and breathe heavily without being out of breath and without feeling any burning sensation in your muscles. Whether it is a structured exercise program or just part of your daily routine, all exercise adds up to a healthier heart."

from Tips for Exercise Success

"I just recently started to cook more in general. You'd be surprised how much money you'd save by eating home cooked meals as opposed to just doing the quick and easy fast food route. Grocery shopping is definitely an investment, and cooking is a great self improvement hobby!"

from Eat Healthier Cheaper

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Check out this really cool video that explains the basics about what happens inside our bodies to cause type 2 diabetes.
Hydeia Broadbent Kara Young Montel Williams
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