Real Health Spring 2016

Real Health Spring 2016

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Sounding Off: Empire star learned early that compassion and kindness can cure stigma

As the child of deaf parents, this Empire star learned early that compassion and kindness can cure stigma.

Listen to Me: About 48 million Americans experience significant hearing loss

About 48 million Americans experience significant hearing loss.

Well Oiled: Mounting body of research shows many fats are good friends to our health

A mounting body of research shows many fats are good friends to our health.

Why We Need This Nutrient

Don’t think fat is essential? Take it out of your diet and see what happens!

Safe Spaces

New approaches to eliminating domestic violence stress making the issue important to men as well as women.

A Global Issue

The White Ribbon Campaign is the largest male-led movement to end violence against women.

Baby Hair

Many mothers-to-be find out that being pregnant affects the entire body, including their tresses.

Beyond Baby Tresses

Tips for better hair during and after pregnancy

Stuff We Love-Spring 2016

A roundup of the latest must-have finds for hair, skin, health, beauty and more. These products are worth every cent.

From the Editor

Kate Ferguson

Little Things Count Big Time

If you thought that it’s the small courtesies, considerations and kindnesses we show one another that make life bearable, you’re not alone...

Health News

Singled Out For Bad Treatment

Here’s one big reason African Americans continue to face health care disparities.

Transmission Issues

If you’re HIV positive with an undetectable viral load, can you spread the virus?

Are Pills a Problem?

Long-acting antiretroviral shots could replace oral treatments for the virus.

Wearable Tech

Coming soon: More smart devices to check on your health

Never Give Up!

What to do if you’re denied hep C treatment

See What We Mean?

Good habits can save contact lens wearers lots of grief.

School Daze and Controversies

Sex ed in the nation’s classrooms is still a hot-button topic.

Ask Doctor Dee-Spring 2016

Dorothy Horton, PsyD, answers your questions in her latest Ask Doctor Dee column.

Counting Down

Carb-rich foods have a ranking you can use to help keep blood sugar levels from soaring.

Avoid Mix-Ups

More about steering clear of food-drug interactions

Joint Strategies

How to protect your knees from damage

Assume the (Correct) Position

Why good posture is essential for good health


Stopping the Pain

Recovering from abuse takes time and the support of people who care.

Remembering Dad

Talking helped us cope with memories of an abusive parent.

The Expert Says-Spring 2016

Mental health practitioners debunk a few common myths about abuse.


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