I got the idea to write up this quiz from a parent quiz one of my favorite writers Dr. Jawanza Kunjufu gave parents at a workshop I attended. The quiz was simple and very telling. I felt it was a good way to help people survey the quality of their relationship and possible identify areas they can improve before something happens. People say hindsight is twenty twenty but I know plenty of people who saw the break up coming long before the relationship ended. I believe they if people understand what a good relationship is they can head off a painful break up and end their relationship friendly. So I hope you enjoy taking my Partner quiz.

The directions are simple honestly grade yourself between an “A” & an “F” thinking about what grade would the person you are dating give you. This is about your date’s feelings towards you not your feelings about them.

1. You make your problems with them known with respect?
2. You make them feel a part of your world?
3. You sexually satisfy them fully every time?
4. You are proud to be in a relationship dating them?
5. You listen to their problems especially when they’re pertaining to you?
6. Your presence brings joy and pleasure to them every time you with them?
7. You support their life choices?
8. You are a person they respect through their comments and actions?
9. You are someone they trust and feel are responsible?
10. You are a good influence on them and a positive inspiration?
11. You respect them in front of your friends the same as you do in private?
12. They feel comfortable in your presence?
13. You make them feel appreciated?
14. You involve them in your decision making?
15. You become a different person when you get mad?
16. You get along good with their family?
17. Your family gets along good with them?
18. You are getting to know more about them every day?
19. They would like their child to act like you when they grow up?
20. Do you feel like hugging and kissing all the time?

Important note: This is not the SATs and getting all As is not the only good score. A mixture of As, Bs and Cs is fine because it shows you have areas to improve. No relationship starts perfect however if weak areas don’t improve then there may be a serious problem in your relationship. Lastly, if you feel the person you are dating would give you 5 or more Fs, then your relationship may have a major problem.