spa_week.jpgSo I needed a mental health break, but really couldn’t afford to take another precious personal day at work. What to do? Well, I made plans to lavish some love on myself at the upcoming Spa Week. (It’s an annual event the spa industry launched in 2004.)

Spa Week is a really great opportunity for people to indulge themselves in spa treatments for just a fraction of what it would cost to visit beauty and wellness facilities and get this kind of pampering. So, of course, I definitely wanted to take full advantage of it.

Just this week, I got a little preview--it was nice and relaxing and fun. It was great leaving my deadlines behind for a few hours and checking out the latest sweet-smelling cleansers, creams, lotions, body scrubs-- yeah, from the sea--and assortment of other treatments currently available to help hardworking folks de-stress.

Just as I was getting ready to leave, I overheard a conversation between two women. One of them wanted to sign up to get her makeup done at the event. She said she didn’t have much time and told her companion she needed to start keeping her beauty appointments more regularly. That floored me.

And, yes, I know women routinely go to spas and get beauty treatments done. But hearing it verbalized so very matter-of-factly caused a light bulb to go off.

When I got back to the office--yup, had to go back--I was mellow. As I packed up my papers to head home, I just had one thought.

I definitely was going to do this kind of thing more often. There’s never anything wrong with lavishing a little love on yourself--more often than not.

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