I was watching the news and they were talking about the new voter reform laws. One of the sides was arguing that the laws making voters show Ids to vote was unnecessary because the old system caught every fraudulent voter. Their argument reminded me how I argue the power of a good dating process. Let me explain. According to Top Dating dot com the #1 cause of for relationships to end is cheating. That stat on its own is fine but when you compare that to the causes for divorce it gets confusing. According to the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers infidelity is the fifth cause of divorce. They sighted Poor communication as the number one cause of divorce. Now why is there a difference? Do people learn how to be monogamist or do the vows and the seriousness of marriage make the people step up their behavior. Or do people who just don’t know how to commit are just not able find someone to marry?
I think cheating ends so many relationships because dating infidelity is something people look for. People structure their dating activities to check for their dates to cheat more than they are for them to communicate well. Many people expect marriage and living together to improve their communication, but some couples don’t even examine how well they communicate. Then these couple go on and get married to people they don’t know how to talk to. Dating, like the current voting system works if you use it. People check to see if their dates are loyal and committable because they’re biggest fear is being cheated on. They don’t make sure the person they are dating listens to their problems or shares their own problems while their dating because they don’t think their poor communication will cause the end of their relationship.

Here is the top five causes of divorce listed by the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers:
1. Poor communication
2. Financial problems
3. A lack of commitment to the marriage
4. A dramatic change in priorities
5. Infidelity

If you want to make sure your relationship has marriage ready communication here are 3 things you can do.
One. Treat your relationship like it’s a marriage. Act like your married and monitor how you talk to your partner. Pretend you are business partners with your date.
Two. Make a regular time to talk during your day.
Three. Share your story or information first. This is the show by example technique. You can even say “I’ll go first.”

Things you can talk about.
How your day was.
How your drive to work was.
How your siblings are doing.
Is there anybody at your job talking to you about anything?
What you thought about during your day or the night before while you slept.
What you want to watch on TV or do during the upcoming weekend.
What you had for lunch.
What you would like to have for lunch.
Talk about updates on future plans, vacations and the sort. Be careful not to talk about household chores all the time, maybe once a month.

If you have trouble talking about any of these suggestions then you may have a communication problem.

This is what I was thinking about today what do you think? What do you talk to your partners or the people you’re dating about?