It’s easy to just tell people to go out and meet somebody nice but people go out everyday and they don’t meet people they like. I’ve developed something that will be able to help people a little more. I have something called the Venue Menu. One of the dumbest things Beyonce sings about is her song To the left. In her song she say “I can find another you in a minute.” Part of the problem women have is that they meet the same type of men over and over. Just like in Beyonce’s song they leave one messed up guy and go out and find the same type of guy. When people understand the venue menu they can get a better idea where to find the guys, which have values they desire in a man. If the old saying birds of a feather flock together is true then certain flocks are found in certain places.

Here I will take a few places people meet dates and explain how the venue menu works. Hopefully people will be able to use this to formula to find people they are more compatible with. Instead of going online to meet the person next door, with a good understanding of the venue menu people will be able to meet their next date for free the old fashion way, in person.

What’s the venue menu?

Strip clubs are home to nude dancing, alcoholic drinks, lap dances and full out sex (in some places). Even thought some people claim to have found wives and husbands in them I only suggest people look for dates in strip clubs if sex is all that matters to them in a relationship. Strip clubs are places where only people with the highest sexual interests go. Since both men and women can have very high sex drives these places are good for those people to meet up. For people who don’t have high sex drives stay away. Healthy relationships need compatibility and if they have sexual compatibility it’s a start. However, I worry about the future of couples where sex as their only connection.

Nightclubs offer physical contact, alcohol and even drugs, loud music and dim lights. This venue is perfect for bootycall scouting and that’s just what the venue menu is for in a nightclub. People, especially men who depend on music and alcohol to loosen up prospective date’s inhibitions go to nightclubs. They then dance or what I call vertical lap dancing so they can turn on their seduction skills. Nightclubs attract people especially men with high sexual needs. While other types of people attend nightclubs they are in the minority.

Bars or Lounges are very popular now as a substitute to nightclubs. Bars and Lounges are dimly lit environments where alcoholic drinks are served. They don’t allow for deep conversation but group conversations are possible. I still feel Bars and Lounges are areas of caution because even without the grinding that a dance floor allows they still have dim lights and alcohol which, still attract people with a higher sexual interest than an interest in a balanced relationship.

Cultural events are usually mentally stimulating environments with healthy foods and drinks. The menu here attracts a person who values culture and intellectual simulation. These types of environments are excellent for bonding because they expose a lot of characteristics of the people who attend.

Political events are brightly lit environment with food and light alcoholic drinks, community service. The type of person who goes to political events is socially conscious and maybe a driven leader.

The Gym offers a good health maintenance and hard bodies. The menu here is tricky because some people may scout for sex partners here. The specific type of person depends on what time of the day. Here is a little breakdown of the workout days.
Early Morning- Disciplined person.
Morning-Maybe a social exerciser looking for shapely women or buff men.
Afternoon-Maybe an athlete or unemployed or may have a job with different
work hours.
Early evening-A social exerciser.
Night-May have different work hours.
Weekend-Maybe married, have work limitations or maybe children.
Since you can tell the exact reason a person is working out at a gym use their physical appearance as a clue to their motives. If he/she is in shape then the chances they’re really health focused and not booycall driven is very high.

Book Store are magnets for people who enjoy information and fascinating stories of life.
The type of person who is found in bookstores is intellectual. However depending on the section they are in you can associate other values to them. I consider Romance novels soft porn and the women who read them maybe compensating for inactive sex lives or they maybe have a high sex drive themselves.

Grocery Stores sell food both healthy and junk items. The type of person found here depends on the area of the store you look in. Here is a breakdown of the various sections.
Canned food- Doesn’t cook
Vegetable-Healthy and cooks
Beer-Drinks at home either a couch potato or a house partier.
Soda-Not too health concerned.
Chips-Not too health concerned.
Baby products-Children.
Pharmacy-Medical condition or cares for someone.

Church, or Temple or Mosque are the sources for spiritual connection and commitment.
The type of people who are found at these places think religion is important. However it depends on the purpose of the visit or the type of commitment they have.
Sunday Service-Basic interest open to other religions or no religion.
Church events-Basic, not so involved and maybe open to other religions.
Church organization-Advanced commitment and religion is important.
Bible study-Advanced commitment and their religion is very important more than other qualities.

Internet is the place for networking in a private way where people don’t have to meet other people in person. This is an unvenue, venue. One characteristic of this venue is people can tell people what they want them to know about themselves. The type of person who surfs the internet is VERY interested in dating. However the internet is a haven for people with strong sexual interests even weird perversions so when using the sites on the web exhibit caution and make the first meeting location in a public place.

The Venue Menu is my way of teach people how to fish. I could put a cookie cutter list of places and events around the world where people can meet quality people but I don’t work for any tourist destination or night club. Good, quality people are found everywhere. It’s funny to me when I hear people paying money to join and online dating service or some other service to find a date. I image somebody going online and meeting the person who lives next door to them whom they’ve been scared to approach. My goal with this Venue Menu is to show people how to use their own prejudice and street smarts to get an idea of the types of people found in certain locations. I believe good quality dateable people can be found anywhere. They go to the Supermarket, Post Office, musical and sporting events but certain places attract a certain type of people more than others. One of the problems with dating is commercialism; it has distorted our view of where we go to look for dates. The Mall sells clothes and doesn’t promote its networking potential like the night club. I hope this piece open your eyes and allows you to go where you have never gone before to find hot dates you have not met before.