Recently I saw a segment on the Today Show about the parenting of young girls. They asked parents when was it appropriate for little girls to get their ears pierced or to start wearing makeup. To me these things are as important as another question parents of Black girls are faced with which is when should a girl should be allowed to get her hair relaxed or strengthened. Even tattoos and piercings are important decisions but all of these are side issues compared to the main question which is when should little girls be allowed to look sexy? See that to me is the meatier question. Makeup and earrings only make little girls feel like their mothers or like women but some of the clothes these little girls wear make them look like women. I’m all about protecting our young girls from growing up too early so I gotta keep it real with my people today. I have never seen a girl get approached by a boy or man because of their earrings. If so they weren’t approached inappropriately. Same thing goes for makeup. Now, with tight jeans and sweat pants with “sexy” or “juicy” written on the ass that’s damn near child porn. As far as I’m concerned they shouldn’t even be allowed to make them. I don’t care if the pants say “USA” or “pink” because they still draw attention to a seductive part of the body. If booty highlighting wasn’t enough this week Abercrombie and Fitch released a push up bikini top for girls 8-14 years old! A padded bra for girls? What are you kidding me? Breasts are the most sexually desired part of the female body. Look I don’t think anybody should try to look sexy unless they are ready and willing to have sex. Looking sexy’s main purpose is to attract or interest someone into having sex with you. That even goes for married people and celibate people as well but that’s a digression and the subject for a future blog. I know where the confusion comes from with our little girls. It starts with their parents. Yes, the mother’s of these girls are confused about how to develop the sexuality of their daughters. Even the few single dads raising daughters are stuck in a difficult situation. One of the major contributors of the sexuality development of female children is that the things women do to display their own femininity have broadened over the years. Fancy makeup and earrings may have attracted a man years ago but with the changes in fashion in the world today they hardly get noticed by men.
So, to help women who did not get the tight jeans and push up bra memo. So, to these women who somehow didn’t see the emergence of contour shaping, booty lifting, spandex jean selling informercials I would like to drag them out from under their rocks and hip them to the ways of the world. Here is a list of things women do to themselves that have little to no affect on attracting a man. These are five things which misdirect parent’s attention when guiding their daughters.

1. Earrings and other jewelry. The truth is, only jewelry in moderation is fine but the arm of bracelets and mood rig size gems on each finger are total turn offs. Ease back my Erika Badu look a likes. Jewelry works for her because it is her style but even Erika isn’t attracting every man.
2. Extra styled hair dos. I’m not going to replay Chris Rock’s movie Good Hair but for real ladies find a hair style you can maintain and live in. Some women have 2-3 day lasting hair dos. Damn! No wonder why hair stylists are so popular.
3. Fingernails. I don’t even think any guy notices a girl’s nails. I’ve never heard a guy say “Damn look at those nails. I wonder if she’s got a man.” Really anything more than a matching color and a smooth filing is extra. That goes double for toes. “Nice feet” means straight toes without corns, not painted toenails to cover them up.
4. Makeup. This includes eye shadow, foundation, eye lashes and eyebrow trimming. Let me first say I hate makeup, I don’t think any of it is needed. If you do want to put on some makeup should not be noticeable. When makeup is to visible it makes a woman look like a clown. Bright red lips stick, rosy red cheeks, Egyptian eye lines and over plucked eyebrows. Eyebrows so thin they have to be redrawn with an eye pencil. Come-on please don’t pass this behavior on to your daughters.
5. Hand bags and other fashion accessories. I know rich people like to flaunt their wealth but rich people only have more money than other people, they don’t have more intelligence than other people. My rule on buying things is anything which costs more and doesn’t offer the equal amount of service is extra and unnecessary. A luxury. Not needed. A rip off. So, buying a $300 coach bag may make you feel rich and stroke your materialistic needs but no man is going to notice it. Most men don’t notice women’s handbags and they have no idea how much they cost. It makes you look like a guy who puts all their money into rims and puts them on a cheap car or a guy who buys a luxury car before they buy a house. Well fashion luxuries are the same dumb decisions.
My point in all of this is to help parents (woman) better understand their behavior so they can better guide their children. If we are really worried about our young daughters growing up ahead of time then think about all of the things you buy them or let them do. The better you understand your own actions and the reasons why the more thoroughly you can explain them to your children. Lastly, men and women do so many things to impress each other we forget how many things we do. Even when we’re trying to look better than the other members of own sex it is an attempt to impress the opposite sex. Peace Yo Jeff