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What National Women & Girls' HIV/AIDS Awareness Day Means to Me

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Mindee Gibson

I remember years ago when I saw you on TV. I thought you were such a smart and courageous young lady. I remember you were suppose to have married little boy and I thought that was so cute. I was not famiiliar with HIV at the time but you made me want to be aware. I did not know then what my future had in store for me. I always had dreams about things that would later come true. In a way I thought I was sort of psychic. I was diagnosed in May of 2001 and it was really hard at first. I have since learned that God shows us things for a reason. I always knew that you reminded me of an angel but I did not know why. Now I think I do it's because I saw you so long ago and I just ran across your picture again while I was looking through this magazine. Keep up the good work you have always been very inspirational

March 24, 2011


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