It can be the easiest thing to do and also the most difficult thing to do but communication in a relationship is the most important thing you need to do. Sometimes a couple’s conversation is doomed to fail before they even start talking. The biggest mistake couple make is starting a conversation in a location that makes it hard to have a clear conversation. So to help people with the first step of having a conversation, I have put together my list of the top five places to have a conversation.

  1. In the car. This is an excellent if you are going on a long drive because you won’t have any major distractions. Unless you are driving through New York City (lol). Traffic, weather and being lost are your only obstacles with this location.
  2. In the bed. This place is my personal favorite. Sex is not the only thing you can do in the bed especially after a long day of work. Talking in the bed at the end of the day is a great time to reflect on the events of the day. Now if individuals have to wake up at different times then take that into consideration. This works best when couples share the same bedtime.
  3. A date night. A date can be a very good place to have a serious conversation. Now don’t get it twisted I’m not suggesting going to the movies or a sports bar but bowling, pool or even an amusement park can provide a background environment which make a difficult conversation easier.
  4. The kitchen. This is my second favorite place because I like to cook and so does my wife. Talking while I’m cooking feels like I’m doing two things at the same time. Then a few minutes after you start talking you can sit down and eat a talk some more. Also a kitchen usually doesn’t have a television and it is intimate without being so formal.
  5. Family or friend gatherings. Changes are if you come to my house we will have a conversation about something are very high. Now these type of gatherings are excellent for talking about subject where a variety of perspectives are needed. Talking about things like poverty, education, dating, raising children and even religion take a different tone when you have them in a group setting. Now when you do have a group or public conversation it does depend on good people being in the conversation. People who don’t know how to talk in a group can mess up a good conversation. Or the flip side for people who don’t always talk in a one on one environment a group conversation may help them.

That was my top five places to have a general conversation. For break up conversations it is a lot of factors. Sometimes you need to have them in a public place like a mall or park other time you may need to do it over the phone.

About this list. This is only my list it was not sent to me by a burning bush or some other divine means. Therefore, it is subject to extreme interpretation. The important thing it is to think about where you decide to have a conversation before you have a conversation. Remember the number one cause of divorce is poor communication. So start talking.

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