It is clear that hair history is being made and times are slowly changing as more and more women embrace their natural curls and dips. Black women who could not find themselves represented in the products lines of the hair and beauty industry slowly started to carve that space and build communities on YouTube, in forums, social media, and their own websites.

These online communities and groups is where the hub of creativity and swap of ideas began to grow. Women shared their in-home recipes, regimens, and advice and supported each other in their hair growth journeys. There is this continual struggle of good hair vs. bad hair and a stigma that natural hair carries. What does that even mean? We are beginning to recognize that there isn’t and shouldn’t be a good hair vs. bad hair debate but a continual recharge of this movement and sisterhood of support as we celebrate ourselves and each other. This movement is all apart of the bigger movement of celebrating our beauty in #BlackGirlMagic.

#BlackGirlMagic is celebrated in many forms and the Urban Bush Babe founders and twin sisters Cipriana and TK Quan embody all the components of #BlackGirlMagic. Cipriana and TK Quan are just two regular women who made the transformation from hating and seeing their hair as an obstacle to embracing its beauty and inspiring others. They recognized how natural hair was seen as derogatory and the stigma of wearing natural hair and broke those conceptions down through an acceptance of self and confidence.

Urban Bush Babes, Cipriana, TK Quan

Shot by Evan Browning

They were able to inspire others, cultivate community and celebrate the people who have gone through the same transformation. Their transformation and flair for style shined so bright that they were able to garner the attention of famous photographers, several fashion brands like Other Stories and Gap and publishers like W and Vogue.

It is important to look at these role models and be inspired to love your self and take the time out to celebrate your accomplishments. It is when you begin to drop everything and just accept yourself that the magic can really happen for you in a way that you could not have imagined possible.

Urban Bush Babes, Cipriana, TK Quan

Shot by Terry Gates