First let’s define what a summer fling is. A Summer Fling is a brief relationship with someone. Most commonly the person is not from the same geographic area you live and you don’t see them regularly. A Summer Fling is where both parties are clear on the relationship and both parties are clear that the relationship will end after the summer because of relocation or something in addition to a geographic change.
Summer Flings are the bomb but just like anything else if misused it can become a problem. So to help you have the safest and most enjoyable summer fling here are three tips which will help you avoid the unnecessary drama that can arise. Please use these tips in addition to the Hip Hop Dating Codes and my other advice.

Tip 1. Respect the fling! Don’t expect the relationship to carry on beyond the summer.

Tip 2. Remember how the fling began! Remember how your fling was started and factor that into whatever future you imagine you may have with your fling. Meaning did you meet at a beach bar or a library.

Tip 3. Have fun! Summer, winter or general flings are great places to experiment on character growths. So try to act out of your normal character you never know when your experiment may become a permanent change.

One cautionary tip. Don’t try to have a relationship with someone you can see all year. That’s not a summer fling that’s a booty call.