We have all heard it said when it comes to building a healthy body: Nutrition, Nutrition, Nutrition! Think of it like the real estate mantra: Location, location location. Just like location drives real estate prices, programmed nutrition will drive the excellence and health of your body.

Imagine constructing a building in a very shabby location, and creating it with inferior building materials--with no concern for the details of community planning or design. Likewise, imagine if you didn’t use the right food materials for your body. You would have a defective and unhealthy body. Start to think of your body as your personal venue, as your physical office building. You own it. You build it with the proper materials (food). Therefore, you must respect, protect, preserve, and enhance it with a well thought out and individualized, “customizable nutritional approach.”

The first step in this nutritional approach is to do what is called scientific nutritional testing. You must discover the food that make you feel good and healthy.

The second step is called nutritional timing. It means supplying your body with the best fuel possible at the most appropriate time.

Finally, you must carefully plan out your nutritional approach to match your activity level based on your lifestyle.

Your ultimate goal is to use the right foods at the right times to build your body into a strong and Invincible You. You want your body to be like a skyscraper that stands tall and proud, and never falls down. You own your body for life. Take care of it, and it will take good care of you.