Many times we get stuck in life. We want something really badly, but we don’t get it. In these especially difficult financial times, money is a big issue for a lot of people. No matter how much we make, it seems that we just don’t have enough to go around. In these challenging times, we need to develop the powerful mentality I call “The Invincible You.”

The Invincible You is that part of your mind that is invincible--incapable of being defeated--by either outer circumstances or your own inner negativity. Psychologists call this resilience--the ability to overcome adversity--religious people call it soul hardiness; I call it The Invincible You. To be Invincible doesn’t mean that you’re perfect; it just means that you are able to go beyond, around, and through obstacles to achieve your dreams because you believe you are a special divine creature who is worthy of the best the world has to offer.

In this series, which we will continue into 2012, I will reveal some of the most powerful psychological and spiritual secrets of emotional and psychological invincibility. These are time-tested paradigm shifts and psychological algorithms that will help you skyrocket your personal mastery and outer success.

The first secret is called the Art of Reversal--Give What You Want Most to Get What You Most Need. In other words, if you want something really bad, give that something out to others and to the world.

Take the desire for money; for financial success and security. You want to make a large amount of money doing something you love, but maybe you haven’t been able to do it. You struggle financially, or at least you’re not making what you really want to make. You try to save, but the money slips through your fingers like you’re trying to hold on to water poured from a bucket. You may even start to panic a little, or get desperate, as you sink further into debt.

Solution: The Art of Reversal. Instead of worrying so much about how much money you don’t have, focus on giving more money, time, energy, and talent to others, and to the world. Give more money to charity, donate more money or personal possessions to your local church; give your time and energy by volunteering at an organization that helps women, children, and animals; help your neighbor with a small loan. The amount of money or time you give doesn’t matter; it can be small at first. The key is to start reversing your mindset of money anxiety and lack, and turn it into a mindset of money abundance. Imagine that you have so much money, and the world has so much money (the world money supply is calculated at $50 trillion), that you can afford to give away plenty because you will get back plenty.

In Eastern philosophy, there is an energy called Ki or Chi. Ki is the life force that we all have. Ki either expands or contracts; it gets bigger or smaller. When you’re worried about money; not being able to pay your bills, or not making it in your career, you start to contract or shrink your positive energy. You become fearful, anxious, worried, and worst of all, you generate that ultimate defeating feeling of being deprived.

On the other hand, when you expand your Ki energy, when you give freely, and with gratitude, to others, you self-generate a light, free, and loving feeling. This positive feeling will, in turn, attract more abundance and prosperity into your life.

You have probably heard of the law of attraction, which states that we attract what we think about most. If we think of abundance; we attract abundance; if we think if scarcity, we attract scarcity. This is a common aspect of nature and life. However, to trigger the law of attraction, you first need to master The Art of Reversal. To attract more money, you need to start by giving away some of your most valuable personal resources--time, money, and energy--with the firm belief that there is a natural abundance in the world that will return to you manyfold, in the form of more money, talents, valuable relationships, and career-enhancing opportunities.

Start today by giving a few extra dollars to children or homeless people. Give away some old clothes and possessions to the Salvation Army. Remember to give away what you want most. If money is what you want, give it away. This will create an Invincible mindset in you that will help liberate your unstoppable enthusiasm, energy, creativity, and resourcefulness. You can now go out into the world and create financial and emotional abundance for yourself and those you love.