I always go to the movies as it is my most enjoyable form of entertainment and one of my favorite dating activities. So I always like to take one blog to list of top moves of 2013.

My list of the best movies of 2013.
1. Star Trek Into Darkness
2. Iron Man 3
3. Ender’s Game
4. Hunger Games Catching Fire
5. World War Z
6. Best Man Holiday
7. Thor The Dark World
8. The Man of Steal
9. Riddick
10. The Hobbit Desolation of Smaug

Now I wanted to put movies like Pacific Rim and Jack the Giant Slayer on my list but I couldn’t bump any of the ones I have. Fast Furious 6 was very good but for a sequel to be great it has to really deliver like Hunger Games Catching Fire did by adding to the story. Iron Man 3 did the same thing by adding more Iron men suits. While I like 12 years a Slave and I think it replaces Roots it didn’t add anything new to the traditional depicted slave story. Now if they were to show what I call the Nothrup effect and that is showing how a person who doesn’t care about a cause suddenly becomes a spokesperson after they get victimized by said issue. Now that would have made 12 Years the best movie of all time. Kickass 2 was good and I won’t hate. I think what happened was it got genre jacked. I am at heart a Scifi fan so other genres have to be real good to blow a Scifi film away. That said I haven’t liked any other Superman movie until they added the Scifi element. 2 Guns was another good story that should have been on my list but genre jacked.

All in all I got bored with 2013 movies in September. It seemed like the year had run out of good movies. I think I saw one movie in October. WTF? All of these movies are competing for the same 10 weekends, the summer. Nobody wants an October release or early November anymore. Where are the fun horrors? I haven’t liked a horror movie in a minute. Granted World War Z was a zombie movie but I wasn’t really trying to scare me. I’m fine with that because I loved 28 Days later but I loved Friday the 13th also.

Okay here’s my wife’s list.
1. Star Trek
2. Thor
3. Best man Holiday
4. Iron man 3
5. Fast Furious 6
6. 2 Guns
7. Hunger Games Catching Fire
8. Kickass 2
9. Ender’s Game
10. World War Z

My son’s list is cheesy but needless to say it is what it is.

1.Ender’s Game
2. Hunger Games
3. World War Z

That’s our list of 2013’s movies, I’d love to hear yours. coachyojeff@gmail.com Peace Yo Jeff