As 2010 ends, and 2011 begins, the time is ripe to look toward your future. Do you want more of the same, or do you want to be different, better, happier, and richer next year?

Would you like to be Invincible? To be incapable of being defeated. To stand strong when things go against you. To be firm and confident when people attack and demean you. To be resourceful and fearless when you face difficult economic times, family strife, and health concerns. To be the master of your own thoughts and feelings, to not allow the inner enemies--fear, worry, regret, sadness, and frustration--to enter, and infect, your mind and soul.

You can be Invincible. You can rise above any, and all, circumstances in life, and maintain a perfect sense of calmness, balance, joy, peace, and happiness. Invincibility is not an external power thing; it is not a matter of acquiring control over a large amount of resources, or commanding a grand army of people to do your bidding. It is about an inner state of power; of self-command; where you are in charge of your mind, your body, your soul, while everything else around you vibrates at a corresponding higher frequency of love, beauty, and success.

In this first of a seven-part series you will learn the secrets of The Invincible You. Let’s start with number one, and we’ll tackle number two next time.

The First Secret: Open Up Your Reservoir Of Weakness

All of us have built up inside us a Reservoir of Weakness--a holding place for all the negative, critical, and self-attacking thoughts that we have built up over years of living. This is known as The Reservoir of Weakness. This Reservoir keeps us down whenever we start making some progress. It torments us with demeaning and attacking voices from our past:

“You’re not smart enough.”
"You’re not attractive enough.
“You’re not lovable enough.”

The Reservoir of Weakness also knows your weak points, where it can apply the most pressure, and get you to fall back into your old habits and bad decisions. It thrives on tormenting you with your weakness; with your plainly seen inadequacies.

“Just take one more bite of that pecan pie. It won’t hurt your diet.”
“Call him again; so what if he’s a little crazy; he’s too irresistible.”
"Go back to that job; you may hate it, but it pays the bills.

How do we combat the Reservoir of Weakness?

The answer is simple: We do nothing. We stop struggling with The Reservoir of Weakness; we just accept it as a part of us. We open ourselves up to its existence by picturing what it looks like in our mind: as a vast entity or machinery that produces only one product: Negativity. At the same time, we don’t label the reservoir as good or bad; we simply see it as a foreign entity that has been implanted into our minds from civilizations past to test us, and help us grow.

Once we recognize the Reservoir of Weakness for what it is, and we do nothing about it, then our final step is to simply ignore it. We let its chattering continue, even about the very fact that we’re ignoring it:

“You can’t ignore me; you’ve got to listen to me; otherwise you’ll make a mistake.”

As you continue to ignore the Reservoir of Weakness, you will discover a very interesting thing: At first, its voice will get louder, more insistent, more desperate. It will try every trick in the book to get you to listen to it, to pay attention to it; to heed its advice. This is a sign of desperation. The Reservoir of Weakness is becoming weaker, and it knows it.

Picture the Reservoir of Weakness in your mind as a giant warehouse or factory in which negative thoughts are being created; hammered out, and manufactured. The boss of the place is yelling at the workers to move faster, to put more negativity out there because The Customer is not buying what they are making. “Hurry, hurry!” screams the boss, but the workers are fighting a losing battle. The customer is walking away, and even worse, The Customer is finding all of this quite amusing--it’s really humorous to see how much futile effort the Reservoir workers are exerting to capture the customer’s fading attention. Having a sense of humor about this helps a lot; it drains the power of the workers immensely.

Now you, as the Customer, only need to do one more thing: Walk away. Walk away from the negative thought factory, the Reservoir of Weakness, and you will be forever free of the artificially created tormenting, seductive, and destructive thoughts in your mind. It is as easy as that.

Now, you may wonder, what will take the place of those old, destructive thoughts?

One thing: thoughts of Invincibility--unsurpassed thoughts of peace, love, happiness, compassion, and fearlessness. These amazing thoughts had been the prisoners of the Reservoir of Weakness--held hostage until now--but they are finally free.

When you walk away from the influence of The Reservoir of Weakness, the first thoughts to be released are the lower level, Higher thoughts. These are the ones that feel relieved to be out, no longer under the burdensome pressure and restraints in the reservoir. They are grateful, happy, and relieved.

The next thoughts to be released are the higher level, Higher thoughts--they are wiser, more peaceful, and have a better perspective on things. They are the power thoughts. They give you a sense of calmness and balance, love and understanding, and they make a surprising statement: The Reservoir of Weakness is actually your friend in disguise.

The Reservoir of Weakness is your friend because, through it, you can grow to your fullest potential as a human being. Not by resisting the Reservoir, nor by yielding to it, but simply by becoming fully aware of it--by picturing how it works in your mind--and then stepping aside, as its fury and power melts, and the factory stops producing its inferior products of negativity and illusion.

Soon, the voices of weakness will evaporate, and in its place, will arrive new Thoughts of Invincibility. These new Invincible thoughts will produce sensations of beauty, magic, appreciation and gratitude in you; you will truly enjoy another sunny day; you will revel in the compassionate feeling of helping your neighbor, the gorgeous sentiment of being in love with your loved ones, and the unsurpassed beauty of life itself.

You are now Invincible: Savor it.