I feel the best place for a college student to meet a person to date is on a college campus. The main reason is because everyone in college is working on making their future better. In the regular world the chances of meeting a future lawyer or business person are much less. Even on a campus most students are limited to meeting dates in the library or in the cafeteria. Other students only meet their dates in their dorms or classes. Many male students who would see a nice girl during the week will not speak to them until they see her at the weekend frat party. This is not cool but it’s Yo Jeff to the rescue. I know I can help because when I was in college I was so good at meeting quality girls I was able to meet them in the parking lot or even on the bus or train to the school. I met my wife in the loading area while I was moving into my dorm. Come on, that’s hot. Now you may not get as good at meeting dates as I was but I got some tips that will help you. One of the first things you can do to meet a quality person on a college campus is to look in the right places. While there are quality people everywhere some places people are more receptive to meeting people than in other places. Other places are better than other places are for having a first meeting. So to help you I put together what I think are the best places to meet a quality person.

Best Places on campus

1. Registrar office. Everybody has to go to the registrar office even with online registration the registrar office is packed. This office is a good place to meet students who may not be in your major. Asking someone about the classes they are taking help you get an idea of what people are interested in. Another office that is a good substitute for the Registrar is the Financial Aid office.

2. Sports game. College games are as big as professional sports games. They are full of people with common interests. College games rarely have people cheer for visiting teams. Go to a game wearing your school colors and strike up a conversation about your school team and you can make a friend for life. You can even start talking about other activities and invite someone out on a date right there in the stadium.

3. Social club meeting. Fraternities and Sororities are known for making social connections but they are not the only groups on a campus that are good for students to meet each other. Colleges have clubs and groups for just about every kind of interest. They have travel clubs, cultural clubs and even Hip Hop clubs. You can even start a club if you like. It really doesn’t matter what kind of group you go to the meeting of if it is something you like then it’s a perfect place to meet someone and make a date.

4. Evening program. Every college especially those with dorm buildings and on campus housing have events. Everything from comedy shows to magic acts even lectures are free for students. These events are extremely social for students. Many times these activities are interactive and help students meet each other right at the event.

5. An Intramural league. Joining an intramural league is even better than just going to the health center or taking a yoga class. I have my personal opinions about deliberate results workout as opposed to regular fun exercising but I will save that for another blog. What makes intramural leagues so hot is that you are placed on a team and it is usually something people do for fun. True when you get to the end of the league the intensity turns up little but not so much average players can’t enjoy. Any good athlete should be playing for your school anyway. So join a team and have fun I guarantee you will meet somebody you like either on your team or another team. A bonus is that you will improve your health in the process and who wouldn’t like that. Make sure though that it is a sport you either know how to play or one you can play and are will to learn.