Happy-New-Year-2014-HD-Wallpaper1-1024x432.jpgI want to thank everyone for their support this year. You all have helped us in our goals to raise awareness and educate the public about Multiple Sclerosis.

2013 was a great year for My New Normals and 2014 looks just as promising. We will continue to provide an outlet to family, friends, caregivers and anyone living with MS or any other debilitating disease.

The most important and interesting part of the website are the comments. So thanks to everyone who has left a comment. And even if you haven’t left a comment just visiting the website raises the number of visitors which elevates the profile of the site.

Once again, thank you to our partners, friends and family. Cheers to a symptom free 2014 and hopefully there will be no need for this website in the near future.

Happy New Year,