Do you sometimes wonder why some people can take hit after hit in life and still remain happy and upbeat? Why they can stay in love with life and look forward to each new day? Well, so did I.

Then one day it dawned on me. For the fortunate ones among us, being joyful doesn’t depend on good or bad circumstances. It is an attitude, an outlook on lifeâ€※bring what it mayâ€※that remains solid. It says we are happy to live life and take situations as they come.

This attitude, this outlook is one which enables us to roll with the punches. Because we know that defeat doesn’t end the battle, we are able to look for other alternatives to solve our problems. This is the thing which creates joy because we’re living our life to the fullest, despite the problems that come with it.

Some people view life as a test. The bigger the problem, obstacle or challenge, the more difficult the test. Pass or fail, we learn something, and, in the learning, we achieve something of value. At times it could be a feeling of triumph, of having come through the fire a better, stronger person.

When you have joy in your heart, even the most crushing blows can’t take your love of life and living away. It is a feeling and a state of mind which affects all areas of your life.

To be sure, there will always be disappointments and failures we must face. If you have a joyful heart, this does not mean you won’t have anxious moments, sadness, depression or experience defeat. The difference that feeling of joy makes is in how you handle life’s disappointing moments. If you have joy in your heart, your response will always be the same. You’ll pick up the pieces and just start over again.

With joy in your heart, you look forward to each new day you’re alive. You savor life to the fullest, embracing the joy as well as the pain. To a large degree, the joy in your heart is there because you’ve already made a decision about how you will deal with the world. That decision involves taking responsibility for your life and your relationships.

Although you may have no control over what happens to you, you do control your response to whatever comes your way. The amount of joy you have in your heart simply helps you see your troubles through and helps you to stay sane.