Like clockwork, every morning, I listen to the news. As an editor, I have no choice. It’s part of my job. I have to stay abreast of the news. But what I hear sometimes makes me wonder.

The other day, I heard that some legislators are considering introducing a bill which would place a curfew, not only on children but also on adults. Anyone on the street then would be subject to being stopped and questioned by the police. Oh, yeah, and since you’d be in violation of the curfew law, you’d also be subject to arrest.

What’s so sad is that I know why the law is being consideredâ€※crime is on the rise. There’s been an increasing rash of shootings. Bullets are taking people’s lives as they sit watching TV or lay sleeping in their homes. Everyone is scared. And so, a curfew is suggestedâ€※for everyone. (Hope that also includes the folks with the itchy trigger fingers.)

To me, a curfew represents an admission by law enforcement that they can’t keep people safe. I guess that’s what makes our lives so scary. I’ve also heard that more people are showing up at public presidential events strapped. In some states, depending on their gun laws, these cowboys aren’t liable for arrest. Why? Because they have a legal right to bear arms.

That makes me wonder.

When town hall meetings about health care reforms erupt into violence, where people, supposedly, come to discuss ways to save lives but end up punching and doing harm to others, that makes me wonder.

And, weren’t some legislators in New York recently lobbying to make carrying a concealed weapon legal? (It was voted downâ€※but it needed a vote?!)

Yeah, that definitely made me wonder.