How do I define a long distance relationship? Well, I simply see a long distance relationship as a relationship where a large geographic distance separates the couple which makes physical contact hard.

1. Have a clear and mutual understanding on why you are planning to or are already living in different geographic areas.
2. Find out the time frame. How long will your relationship have to endure a long distance.
3. Communication, Game Plan. Whatever you use to stay in touch even if it is postcards use it! Make sure it is mutual and not one sided. Consider all of the options you have Skype, video messaging, and text, email and facebook.
4. Magic Moments. These are the times your distance is closed by an opportunity see your love. Whenever you get one of these make those times special.
5. Remember LD relationships are not easy. If you keep this in mind when you encounter a problem in your relationship you will know where to place your frustrations. So don’t be afraid to end the relationship. You can always pick up where you left off if the distance gap is closed and it is a relationship that is meant to be.
6. How well do you know each other? Familiarity of your date is very important to factor in when considering a long distance relationship. I’m not talking about how long have you been dating the person but do you know their family or close friends? These people are important people to know in a long distance relationship.
7. Reevaluation, Reevaluation and more Reevaluation. When you’re in a long distance relationship it is important for you to regularly reevaluate the status of your relationship.

Hey, if you do decide to have a long distance relationship good luck and be careful. I dated my wife for a year before I got engaged and moved to Florida to live with her. I had thought about the possibility of doing that before I started dating her. I even started booking the comedy club near her house so I would be able to write off my monthly visits. I also knew my wife for over a decade as a friend before I started dating her. It worked for me but I am a very open and my wife communicates well.