That’s right! Every problem is an opportunity when you look at the problematic situation from this perspective. You see, you always have a choice in how you decide to look at things in life - your life in particular!

Everything that occurs will always boil down to perception, how you see things that occur. You have a choice! You can see a thing or experience perceive it as bad or good. Regardless of how you choose to see a thing or experience, nevertheless, the thing is merely a thing, or the experience an experience. Ask yourself, what perception of the thing or experience best benefits you? We should always be looking to get a benefit out of life and everything that occurs in our lives. A benefit is a reward and life is full of rewards in light of its being a reward in and of itself. The grandest of rewards in my opinion!

When you see a problem as an obstacle, it will be just that - an obstacle! However, it will only be an obstacle in your mind if you choose to see it as such. Your mental health will suffer as misery, anger, grief or other negative emotions cause a vibration from seeing something in the negative. Negative breeds negative! Period! Now on the other hand, when you see a problem as an opportunity, a chance, it will be just that - an opportunity, a chance! An opportunity or chance is a doorway that invites us into new experiences, new lessons we can learn from and experiences that allow us to grow in life!

When you look at every problem or challenge that may come your way as an opportunity and do not resist the problem or challenge but accept it with open arms and a positive outlook, I guarantee you you’ll overcome the problem or challenge quickly and you’ll come out of it on the other side with great rewards. This is so true, people! And it never fails! When you look at a problem from a positive perspective, you have started the pulverization process of the problem.

In addition, when you begin to use your mind and see or visualize yourself victorious at the outcome of the problem or challenge, you summon the Universe and everything good in it to assist you in becoming successful in overcoming the problem (or challenge, trial, tribulation). For what you visualize will undoubtedly materialize and this is a great immutable law whether you believe in it or not. This law is unwavering! And people who are wise enough to know it, trust in it, and believe in it - BENEFIT from it!

Positivity attracts positivity, for that which is like unto itself, is drawn - the immutable Law of Attraction!

Folks, when you begin to embrace problems and see them as allies and learning lessons on your path (soul journey), you’ll notice how you gradually will stop having problems or challenges (in the proverbial sense) in your life. You’ll simply begin to see everything that comes your way an experience you can learn and benefit from.

You can’t control the external world outside of your “self” but you can control how you
choose to see things in that world. Remember, your world is the only world you can change. You will always experience resistance, opposition, struggle, frustration and drama when you try to change things outside of self. Self is the only world you control and therefore can change.

You would be wise to start seeing your problems, challenges, trials, and tribulations as opportunities. Looking at problems in a negative light slows down your progress and causes the problem (situation) to linger longer.

Even disease should be looked at in a positive light. Disease is not your enemy! It can be your friend. It conveys a much-needed message to you; one denoting that something is wrong with your body. Think of an oil light gauge in a car which warns you when something is wrong and action needs to be taken. Well, the same with the body; when you don’t listen to the message the disease conveys, your body breaks down or worse, shuts down (i.e. death).

A health problem is simply an opportunity to improve your health and learn about your self. Start looking at disease in this light and you will greatly benefit from what you used to dread.

In closing, always remember that, "every problem is an OPPORTUNITY!!!