plan-a.jpgIt seems no matter what I do MS just keeps pounding away at the structure of my life.

I have already shared with you how much I love horseback riding. I actually had a class today, but I canceled it! I knew I was too tired to last an entire session of 45 minutes. I asked my husband to take me to a local gym instead where I rode a bike for 20 minutes.

I guess you can say I chose Plan B instead.

That seems to be my new normal, Plan B. As a matter of fact, out of sheer anger I boldly announced to my husband that I was not going back to horseback riding anymore! In other words I had a bona fide two-year-old temper tantrum. He of course urged me to just cut down on how often I go, which seems logical.

IMG_0411-1024x768.jpgI do go weekly. But, I’m not feeling very logical right now. What’s logical about multiple sclerosis? Nothing! Most of the time I don’t last the entire session anyway.

But I guess on the other hand (the better hand) I can be responsible for the way I react to what I am forced to go through. I didn’t have to slam down the phone on with my trainer! I’m embarrassed and regretful now. Multiple sclerosis sucks, but my attitude may be the last thing I do have control over.

I hope they allow me to get back on the horse!!!