Since going to the movies is my favorite place to go on a date and since I am a filmmaker I offer my top ten for two thousand and ten 2010. What I like about going to the movies on a date is that the movie provides guaranteed entertainment. Whether the movie is good or bad it still can be used as a subject of conversation. The problem with going to the movies on a date is some women think it is a cheap date and some men don’t add anything to the date. What I say to men or anybody who chooses to take their date to the movies is don’t leave it there. You still have to have some conversation on the date. My suggestion is to use the theme of the movie as a subject for discussion. To anyone who thinks going to a movie for a date is a cheap date then they don’t need to be dating me. I go to the movies at least 2 times a month. I love movies and I love watching them in crowded theaters. Maybe it goes back to my 42nd street theater days. So, with that I give you my top ten movies for two thousand and ten 2010.

1. Kickass. The best Nicholas Cage film ever. Go comic book stories.
2. Predators. I can’t wait for the sequel.
3. Repo Men. This is scifi the way I like it. Action and prediction.
4. Iron Man 2. Good story and good action. I don’t need to see part 3.
5. Why did I get married Too. Go Tyler. My girl Tasha Smith may not do it in other films but she owns this series.
6. Takers. A good Black action film from some good come up indy filmmakers. Makes me want to make another film.
7. Crazies. I love Zombies in a good story.
8. The Book of Eli. May not have loved the ending but the put the Bible in a good place on the shelf next to the Quran. I Black man made it through the Apocalypse. Next we go to space!
9. Unstoppable. Denzel is the Gotdamn best. Who else could make a movie about a speeding train enjoyable.
10. Salt. I like this film to encourage more action films for women. This was real action not like Mr. and Mrs. Smith.
11. Brooklyn’s finest. I love the cast. Glad they stopped with one twist at the end and not as many as the Departed.
12. Shriek forever after. Go Eddie. They can’t out do the first but this is pretty damn close.
13. Wolfman. I like this film because I’m tired of vampires getting so much attention. Werewolves aren’t big dogs. Curse you True Blood and Twilight.
14. Edge of Darkness. Mel Gibson is a good actor in my book. This is a good film. I need to talk to him about all of the racist comments.
15. Let me in. Who is this full lip little girl Chloe Moretz. I like her. I just hope she doesn’t do some sexy type picture. Stay away perverts of Hollywood.

Honorable mentions in no particular order.
Machete. I wish I would have seen this in the theater to enjoy the audience reactions.

Daybreakers Good new breath in the vampire genre but the ending was wack. I would have loved to see more fight hungry vampires.

Sex in the City 2. I enjoyed this movie with my wife. Props to Kristen Davis for showing some skin in Couple retreat. If she would have doe that in Sex in the City 2 I would have had in my top ten. Lol.

Harry Potter and the deathly hollows part 1. I’m not a Harry Potter fan but I’m glad the wizard is still entertaining his fans. Maybe I get into the Potter films later in life.

Lottery Ticket. I like Brandon Jackson and I’m glad they are making black comedies without being slapstick buffoonery.

The Karate Kid. I saw it and it was better than the original. I’m not big on using fighting to solve conflict. Being bullied is deeper than just learning to fight. I liked they added more visuals of China.

Faster. Man what happen to my man The Rock. This film was good but he was too buff for no reason. We never got to see him use his muscle.

For Colored Girls. I felt this was a very important movie and I wrote a entire blog about it. Go Tyler Perry glad his able to make serious films. I would have love to see a documentary about the play and film with men involved in the discussion. I don’t even think Oprah hosted a discussion on the subject.

Splice. I almost forgot this film came out deliberately. This is the most disturbing film I’ve seen in a long time. The sad thing is I took my (7yr old) son and my nephew (10) and niece (8) joined us. I’m mad at myself for supporting it but we (Americans) asked for a film like this. Always wanting filmmakers to push the envelope well Splice is my limit. Borderline porn and nasty erotica. Never again. But scifi none the less.

Movie that owe me my money back
The Last Airbender. If I ever run into M Knight Shyamalan I think I might have to be pulled away. That is my favorite cartoon. WTF!

Skyline. I will still trust my judgment of trailers even thought this piece of celluloid garbage got my money. I’m so happy I went to see Unstoppable two weeks later. When the aliens do come to Earth they will kick the asses of these filmmakers.

Leave your comments. HAPPY HOLIDAYS. YO JEFF OUT!