When I got the e-vite to Beverly Johnson’s recent launch party for her hair and skin care product line, I remembered her visit to Real Health’s offices several short months into my new job as the magazine’s editor-in-chief.

Fortunately, the event was only a few blocks walk from our offices, and the evening was great for walking (yeah, you know, for health!-no frantic waving down of off-duty cabs for this editor-no sirree!).

Anyway, when I arrived at the midtown hotel restaurant hosting the launch, I hesitated for just a moment. I didn’t know what to expect. Yeah, there was a red carpet outside the entrance--no lengthy train of scarlet, though. The carpet ran just from the top of the stairs leading into the restaurant across the sidewalk just shy of reaching the curb. Yeah, so there was no crazy crush of photographers; I just saw one or two when I got there. And when I gave my name at the door, it was on the list, so I waltzed in.

As it happened, the first person I saw who looked like a publicist was the publicist. (Guess it was just my night!) She explained how the launch was going to go down and told me she’d just called Beverly to tell her chop! chop!

While I waited, I shot a little video--you know, a cutaway shot of the Beverly Johnson photo slideshow and a few of her products laid out on the table. (Umm, sorry, there were no samples yet, the publicist said.)

In short order, the restaurant’s small vestibule began filling as people started milling about. Everyone was waiting. Then about 15 minutes into the social chatter, Beverly Johnson swept in wearing a slinky black number with her hair falling in stylish waves. (See my video below for the full effect.) She was accompanied by a man folks described as her boyfriend. (That’s him with her in the video.)