Numerous companies in the U.S. are producing minerals (also known as ’elements’) and vitamins and promoting them as necessary for good health but at the same time are sabotaging the health of millions of people who are unsuspecting buyers of harmful and synthetic vitamins and minerals.

Most mineral and vitamin brands on the market are (1) synthetic (made from oxide minerals and other substances), (2) contain harmful substances (i.e., preservatives, fillers, binders, coal tar, bitumen, gelatin, waste products), (3) cannot be digested by the human body and therefore cannot be assimilated, (4) lack intelligence due to being man-made and thus cannot find their way out of the body and thus get lodged in the tissues of the body causing disease and/or enhancing present diseases, (5) are urinated out of the body (turning your urine dark orange in color), (6) are not carbon-copper bound and thus lack electricity and does not vibrate harmonically with the human body, (7) are not organic (phosphate) which is the state all digestible foods must be in for the body to break them down in order to absorb their nutrients, and (8) are manufactured by pharmaceutical drug companies who sell them under subsidiary health companies.

Pregnant women that take doctor-physician prescribed prenatal mineral and vitamin tablets are taking nothing but waste products that will only pollute the pregnant mother’s bloodstream and cause the baby to be born with jaundice or hepatitis, both of which are liver diseases. Why do you think so many babies are born with jaundice these days? Why do you think hospitals are pushing hepatitis vaccines on newborn babies today, especially if they are born in a hospital?

Prenatal minerals and vitamins contain some very harmful and toxic substances including coal tar, bitumen (black stuff they repair streets with), and even horse manure in some cases.

It is very important that you know all the necessary and requisite information on minerals and vitamins before taking them. Most of us know that minerals and vitamins are necessary for optimal health; however, many of us just don’t know what kind of minerals and vitamins to take which creates a lot of confusion, apathy, and frustration for a lot of people. Luckily many people find and turn to Dherbs.Com for help.


Your minerals must come from the Earth (natural foods: fruits, vegetables/plants, seeds, nuts, grains). Minerals derived from natural and living substances such as food supra are ORGANIC. Minerals derived from non-living sources, i.e. mine ore, metallic substances or metals are INORGANIC (non-living, though vibrating).

Most people are unwisely and unknowingly consuming INORGANIC minerals and vitamins today.

Before modern man came on the scene, people never worried about minerals and/or vitamins. They didn’t have to! They derived everything for optimal health, in most cases, from their food source, which mainly consisted of vegetarian foods derived from fruits, vegetables, grains, and nuts. Very little meat was eaten. The meals were well balanced and the servings of dead, slaughtered animal flesh were well proportioned. They were not eating half a bird like folks are doing today. This is why you don’t read or hear about ancient people or cultures suffering from meat-based diseases such as cancer and high cholesterol; well, maybe with the exception of Europeans who were known to eat excessive and large amounts of dead, slaughtered animal flesh (SOURCE: What They Don’t Teach You in History). Your modern meats derived from Europe and Europeans and the names of your common meats today bear witness to this.

Bologna, turkey, salami, Vienna sausage, frankfurters, hamburger, Sirloin steak, and a few other meats all have their origins in Europe. The names of these meats are derived from the names of European countries and cities.

Sirloin steak is called sirloin because an English king knighted a piece of loin he enjoyed eating so much, hence, “Sir loin.” After a person is knighted, he becomes a “Sir” i.e. Sir John Elton. Only British royal can make a person a “Sir.”

Sir. noun. Used as an honorific title for baronets and knights. American Heritage Dictionary, 4th edition, p774

Bologna is a city located in Italy northeast of Florence. Salami (Salamos) is an island near Greece. Vienna is a city located in Austria. Frankfurt and Hamburg are located in Germany.

Our modern day preoccupation and love affair with religiously consuming large amounts of meat is totally a European thing (under the illusion of deriving protein which is very asinine as meat contains 0% organic protein which the human body can use).

When buying minerals for yourself and/or your family, you must know what to look for. A good mineral brand will list all organic sources of the minerals. These organic sources should be derived from FOOD (fruit, plant/vegetable sources) exclusively. Any brand that lists any of the 102 minerals with a term following the mineral is synthetic. For example, Nature made calcium, but not calcium gluconate. Nature made iron, but not iron ferrous. Nature did make oxide minerals, but not for purposes of human consumption. You must remember that nature has produced two states of every mineral: ORGANIC and INORGANIC, or, PHOSPHATE and OXIDE. Humans require ORGANIC or PHOSPHATE minerals!

Also, nature does not give us anything mono-structured. A mono-structured element or mineral by itself or isolated (from other elements) is unstable and will sabotage your health before ultimately killing you.

As humans, we need and require oxygen, but oxygen by itself and not balanced with nitrogen is a poison and will KILL YOU! Therefore, God/Nature balanced oxygen with nitrogen.

Water is required for life, but God/Nature balanced the water with hydrogen and oxygen. Water like the air (oxygen) we breathe is balanced. Therefore, your minerals and vitamins must also be balanced, and if not, you are spending all of your hard-earned money on POISONS and are POISONING yourself and your children.

Most of the brands of minerals people are buying at the local GNC (General Nutrition Center), Great Earth, Vitamin Shoppe, the local pharmacy and/or super casket, oops, I mean “super-market,” are SYNTETHIC, INORGANIC, OXIDIC, HARMFUL, and POISONOUS and people are paying a fortune on sabotaging their health thinking all the while they have been doing the right thing. But Dherbs.Com is here to tell you otherwise (whether you buy our products or not, as we are also an information center and resource).

Another thing you need to know about minerals is that minerals have an atomic number and weight. A mineral’s atomic number and weight is denoted by a number, a symbol, followed by another number. For example, Iron’s atomic number, symbol, and weight (or mass) is 26 Fe 55.845. Calcium’s atomic number is 20 Ca 40.08.

A mineral’s atomic number and weight is important because it tells us about the number of electrons a mineral has. Minerals are alive and loaded with electrons, thus making the mineral electrical. As humans, we are electrical and require electricity for optimal health. We are energy creatures!

The number of electrons in large part determines the chemical nature of an element.

It is because of the electrons spinning in a food that makes it alive. The electrons in the food are determined by the state of the elements in the food. The state must be organic and coming from the plant kingdom or 2nd density.

It is important that our minerals come from the Earth because the Earth is alchemical in function. The Earth can convert inorganic elements (minerals) into organic elements.

The Earth is alchemical because she can convert one thing into another, like alchemists converted base metals into gold. Alchemy is a natural feminine function. A woman can take sperm and dish out a little replica of herself or the father (based upon her choice). She can convert food into a meal, a house into a home, and pain into pleasure. Woman is a natural alchemist. Women are predominantly physical alchemists and men are more so mental alchemists, converting their thoughts into things. Women convert physical things into other physical things (though having the ability to convert thoughts into things as well).

Inside Mother Earth consists oxide (inorganic) form of minerals that in this form or state, humans cannot digest, at least not anymore (due to the Fall of Man). Therefore, the plant kingdom has been given the function of helping humans out in their degenerative state by converting inorganic minerals into organic minerals.

As Solar beings in our original state hundred of thousands of years ago, we extracted our nutrients from the sun and atmosphere, which is why we did not have to eat food or drink water at all. We developed the habit of eating and drinking only in response to changing our natural way of living - deriving what we needed and required from the Sun and atmosphere (which I’m quite sure sounds very strange and far out to many of you reading this).

When original solar man ate solid food (vegetation) for the first time, he brought cell salts into his body (for the first time) that irritated his tissues. This irritation of the tissues created thirst - the desire for water. Eating food and drinking water caused his internal organs to change. Because of consuming so much of many new things and in the process polluting the body, the organs began to inflame and thus became larger and had to work faster and harder to fight the pollutants man was putting into his body. You see, the Fall of Man actually pertains to this scenario and not some religious adult fairy tale about a naked man and woman named Adam and Eve in some mystical garden who disobeyed God by doing what God told them to do in the first place (have sex) in Genesis 1:26, and thus bring sin into the world.

The Biblical story of Adam & Eve was created (by man) to justify the need for spiritual redemption and salvation via a concocted savior-god based upon the ancient sun gods of various ancient cultures. You can believe in a savior-god today all you want to but no savior in the form of another person (mystical or real) can or will save you from all the ills you have wrought and brought upon yourself via your egotistical, immature, unconscious, and irresponsible thinking and therefore egotistical, immature, unconscious, and irresponsible actions and behavior.

Before the first European Christian missionaries ever set foot on African, Indian, Asian, and American soil to conquer the souls of these indigenous people, none of these indigenous people of these lands supra needed salvation (saving) or redemption nor did they believe in such.

The story of Adam and Eve goes against the Universal Law of Karma (you shall reap what you sow). How in the world am I liable for the sins of Adam and Eve? I never met them! If I’m born in sin from the get go, I’m doomed and never had a chance from the start. This type of deleterious teaching (programming) is necessary for salvation and messiah indoctrination that only serves for purposes of controlling people via mental manipulation. It sets humanity up to need and look for external salvation in the form of a messiah construct (person, theology, institution, etc.).

However, it is people who are messing themselves up and therefore it is only people who can save themselves. You can believe in Jesus, Allah, Yahweh or whoever else you desire to believe in all you want, but belief in these will not alter your life and prevent the IRS from taking your money against your will, receiving and having to pay for parking and traffic tickets, having to answer to government (fictitious body of cowardly men hiding under or behind a corporation); eating unhealthy foods and not getting sick and degenerate as a consequence, etc.

As an individual, I am free today. This is because I don’t embrace any concept of sin, especially original sin. I don’t see God as some sick and deranged entity that derives pleasure and joy from human misery and suffering.

Because I am not spending all of my time seeking forgiveness for something I didn’t do in the first place (disobey God) and which belongs to other people (Adam and Eve), I am free to cultivate myself and create my own reality which I am doing and thus living life to the fullest as a free and sovereign individual. Many others are also doing this.

If you believe in sin you most certainly will attract it. This is why so many people (especially women) have sexual hang-ups and diseases of a sexual nature. Sex is surrounded by guilt, shame, fear, confusion, ignorance, etc. and that’s why people are so messed up today. This is why there are so many rapes, child molestations, pornography, abortions and miscarriages, and promiscuity. It is due mainly to sexual hang-ups predicated upon religious belief systems that teach that sex is a sin.

Religion suppresses sexuality and the porno/sex industry expresses it. It’s a pendulum effect. In fact, without religion, you could not have a porno or sex industry. The two go hand and hand. It is a conspiracy of sorts. Both need each other to express themselves. There’s no expression without suppression (and repression in this Matrix). Religion equals suppression (sexual suppression) and repression and the porno/sex industry equals expression (regardless if you deem the activity to be perverted).

The Earth converts the oxide minerals in the soil into organic or phosphate status via the plants. The Earth’s soil has a chemical called “Humic Acid” and this Humic Acid (which is alkaline and not an acid or acid-forming) is responsible for the earth’s alchemical ability to convert inorganic minerals into organic minerals. Today, this acid is now available to enhance human health and well-being.

Humic acid will improve the absorption of all vitamins and minerals, especially those derived from organic sources.

In closing, please know that today you have a choice in the vitamins and minerals you consume. At Dherbs.Com, you get nothing but the best quality with our products and this is especially so of our line of Organic Vitamins, B-Vitamin Complex, and Minerals.