3 Places To Find Guys During the Holidays
While the holidays are a good time for couples, most people would say they’re a bad time for single people. Well, I like to challenge popular belief. As a good man myself, I know that Thanksgiving through Martin Luther King Weekend is probably the best time to find a person to date. You won’t need stilettos or new clothes to find them either, just a healthy helping of friendly attitude.
So, if your goal is to find good dating material, the holidays are a premium time to do so. Here are a few places you should be scouting out.

Charity events.
The end of an old year and the beginning of a new one bring out the good in people. I have a saying: Good people do good things and miserable people do nothing. Go to a soup kitchen or a church’s homeless outreach. Organize a canned food drive or collect clothing for needy people. Typically, most volunteers are older and married, but the few single people who give back on the regular are high quality-and that’s what you’re aiming for. After all, if you were only after numbers, you could just go to the club.

The Mall, or independent retail centers.
When window shopping for mates, make sure the guy is not buying gifts for a girlfriend or wife. Guys don’t go to the mall looking to pick up women, and you can catch them off guard. Chill out at the food court and sit next to a guy who you think is your type, or browse the nonfiction aisles of the book store.

A Friend’s Holiday Party.
Your friends probably have similar values to you and even if they don’t share your taste in men, it’s a good bet they’re aware of what you like. Check out their parties and see who they introduce you to. This goes for male friends’ parties too, not just your female friends. After you meet someone, make sure you ask your friend the host about details on them.
Bonus points: The Gym!
This isn’t a place I’d normally recommend, but during the holidays, the type of guy working out at the gym changes a little. Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years fall at the end of the year and people start to think about personal improvement. So, if you get the fitness bug, pass on the musclehead lifting free weights and strike up a convo with the guy on the treadmill.

So, get your conversation ready and get off your couch watching movies-a date isn’t going to just walk through the screen. Don’t give up, there are a lot of good people all around you. After I got married, I saw more marriageable people than before, so believe me they are out there. As always, your boy Yo Jeff.for questions hit me up at coachyojeff@gmailcom