It is said that over 100 billion people have lived on earth. With a current population estimated at 7 billion that means that there are 15 dead people for every person alive. If you are alive now (which I presume you are), you one of those lucky 7%—those who are currently living.

What an amazing statistic: You are in the 7% club of the living (rather than the 93% club of the dead). This means that this is your window of life opportunity—your time to do everything you have wanted to do in life.  There is no time for excuses, laments, or fears.

Your time to live is now.

Do you want to go to the Himalayas and meditate? Do you want to pilot an airplane?  Invent something to change the world? Teach the young?  Travel the world? Help the needy? Be an amazing parent, friend, or lover? Live healthy, free, and joyful? This is your time.

This is your window of opportunity to do anything you have ever wanted to do and leave a legacy of goodness for your children and their children to come (soon, it will be their time).

Soon (far sooner than you think), you will be dead.  That is not a depressing thought, but a liberating one. Regardless of your beliefs in an afterlife, the truth is that your time on earth in your body is limited.  All of the recognized and esteemed people on earth in history are now in the Club of the Dead.  Their light shone bright while they were here on earth, and now it’s your turn.

Think of life as a brief time when the sun shines overhead.  Everything is clear, beautiful, and bright. Then, the son moves to a new spot and illuminates other people (it is their life time), and so on. What you accomplish during the light of day is your life legacy, and it can be a thing of beauty and contribution.

Practice repeating this phrase to yourself every day: “I am alive. I am the 7%. This is my time.”

When you repeat this phrase daily, you will jolt yourself out of your self-hypnosis of stuckness: that pity party; those regrets, fears, sadness, and disappointments.  You will yank yourself from bad habits, negative thoughts and behaviors, and even addictions. You will see yourself as a living breathing entity who has the miracle of life—one of the 7%—and you have the power to make your life anything you want it to be.

When you live in the 7% Club of the Living, you will be living a paradox. On one hand,

you will take yourself (and your life) seriously. On the other hand, you won’t take yourself so seriously.  You will take your life seriously in that you recognize that your time on earth is limited, and you need to put your God-given talents (also known as Dons) to good use: to make a contribution to the world, and to live with passion, purpose, and power.

At the same time, you don’t take yourself so seriously that you worry about every little traffic jam, every perceived rejection, every so-called failure. Remember, small things don’t matter when you are part of the 7%; the only thing that matters is living consciously, joyfully, and lovingly.

And, yes, there is that word again, Love. Love IS THE one thing, the one essence, you want to fill your life with. Love: that amazing feeling of elevation, compassion, and connection with all of the humans who are living now (and who have ever lived).  That is the part of your 7% life that will last forever, in the hearts and minds of those you touch while you are here on this plane.

Enjoy:  You are a member of an elite, beautiful club: The 7 Percenters. Make the most of every day you have; squeeze every drop from your life until the heavens cry in gratitude.