I remember when tight jeans first came out. I remember the controversy. People wanted to ban spandex pants for young girls. Women and girls alike debated whether they wanted to show their asses or leave their body details to more intimate settings. I need not tell you which became the norm. Along with tight jeans and visible booty shape we got camel toe. It was the first time you could see the gap between a thin girls legs. Booty displaying pants became the new definition of SEXY. Then the same energy was brought to shorts and then came biker shorts and Daises Dukes. It became so popular that many schools brought back school uniforms. When uniforms did not work they tried dress codes, which I don’t think works too well either.

Okay, why do I bring this up? Even before tight jeans women wore their regular pants tight. The difference is now tight fitting jeans are normal. Oprah is even giving them as her favorite things. Women wear tight jeans, they put their little girls in them like there’s no problem. Now-a-days women wear them without trying to be deliberately sexy. They have cool names like pajama jeans. They have become regular. Does that mean they are not extra sexy? No. Well I raised this point to help understand the amount of sexual energy that is so common and goes on unnoticed. There is such a high level of sexual energy around that women are approached by men with sexual desires and don’t even know it. These men want only to get inside a woman’s pants. They don’t want a relationship. Years ago when women had to make more of an effort to look sexy they knew they were attracting booty bandits. Today I think women need some help recognizing a man who has a purely sexual agenda. Here are my tips on how to recognize a man who just wants to have sex.

1. Does he make a lot of sexual references when talking to you.
2. Does he complement you sexually or confess his sexual attraction to you.
3. Does he respond to your sexual jokes with more excitement than other subjects.
4. Does he try to control the conversation and doesn’t listen to what you say.
5. He doesn’t ask for your phone number but your plans for later that evening.
6. Does he only call on the weekend or around 9pm when its too late for you to have plans and not late enough to be considered a booty call.
7. Does he use classic player lines like “You are a real women and could change my ways or I’ve never felt this way before usually it happens later in the relationship or we have an amazing chemistry.”
8. He doesn’t have a history of long relationships.
9. Is he only available when he suggests the time and date and not when you suggest a date.
10. Do you feel your dates with him lack depth and a substantive connection.

Okay here’s the deal I got into date coaching because I was tired of dealing with scored women who have been hurt by a doggish man. I named my tour Stop the GAME because I feel we need to be upfront and honest with the people who we date. While writing this list my wife asked me if these tips would have caught me. I said “hell yeah.” I wouldn’t write this list if I didn’t think it would work. I hate it when men hustle women into sleeping with them. These guys become characteristic chameleons to get another notch on their belts. Even when I wanted to have a just sex relationship with a girl I told them. I didn’t to hurt their feelings, I kept it real. I think this is the main reason why women think men are dogs. Instead of wondering if “he’s just not that into you” you can figure out if “he is into you but for just one thing.” Now, keep it real ladies, guys only talk this way because some women respond to them. If you want just a physical relationship then be careful with your freakyass and use condoms. If you don’t want a one-night stand or a string of booty calls then I hope this list helps you.

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