That special day is coming, Valentine’s Day, when lovers and spouses exchange gifts and celebrate love--past and present--with their special one.

That annoying day, Valentine’s Day, is coming, that day when you’re alone and you wish you had someone, or you have someone and you wish you were alone. Valentine’s Day means a lot of different things to different people--both good and bad.
Now, here’s a truth for you to ponder: It doesn’t matter what your status is, single or coupled up (happily or unhappily), Valentine’s Day can actually be a great day of celebration if you remember just one thing:

The greatest love is the one you have inside you.

That’s it. That simple concept is something that has been written about by the great poets, psychologists, philosophers, and spiritual teachers. To be happy in love, you first need to love yourself, be proud of yourself; be grateful for the gifts you have received from God and life.

The best Valentine you can give and receive is to be a Valentine for yourself: To treat yourself with the utmost love and kindness; with the deepest respect and compassion.
Many people, including the media, get it all wrong on Valentine’s Day. As a psychologist who appears on a lot of TV and radio shows talking about love relationships, I always get asked the question: “What should people do for Valentine’s Day?” Of course, they’re expecting me to give them some cute or interesting romantic date ideas. They’re often surprised when I say: “The best Valentine’s Day is to treat yourself as the best lover you ever had--to be your own Valentine.”

To be your own Valentine means to pamper yourself, treat yourself with kindness, tenderness, and love. Too many people are critical of themselves; they speak to themselves in self-attacking ways: “I’m too fat, skinny, old, young, boring, ugly, stupid, etc.” Instead of being self-critical, we need to be self-loving; we need to think and act as if we deserve the best that life has to offer.

Try something different this year: On Valentine’s Day, regardless of what you do for someone else, make sure you treat yourself to a nice meal, a massage, spend time with friends (if you’re single), animals, and children, read your favorite book, pray and meditate, and above, all, be grateful that you are you, and that you have the capacity to experience love within yourself, regardless of the person or people who are presently in your life.

When you become your own best Valentine--you will feel great and grateful about who you are. You also make an amazing discovery: You will attract a powerful loving energy into your life--if you’re single, you will attract a soul mate; if you’re married, you will create more love and excitement in your relationship.

Now, everybody, stand up together, and repeat after me: “Happy Valentine’s day to me. Happy Valentine’s Day to Me.”