It’s been about seven years since I took out my pen and started using it to go on the offensive with the state of male female relations. The years I spent dating women I was always a good man who respected them, who never cheating on them or two timed them, who dated women I really liked and would have married. It was during those years I built up an intolerance for being suspected as a dog. Just about every woman I dated was scared I was either cheating on them or wanted to. This constant prejudice became an emotional sore spot. And like any artist would tell you emotional writing can be some of your best writing. I wrote Gold Digger Killer only two years after I had been married and out of the dating world. Truthfully I think it was because the dust had settled over the dating phase of my life and I could finally exhale. It’s like the saying hindsight is twenty-twenty. As a happily married person I felt the urge to send the negative elements of the dating world a message. I wanted to send the women who thought I didn’t make enough money or spent enough of my money to date them a message. I wanted to send guys who thought it was cool to abuse women physically and emotionally such a gruesome and horrific message that it would put fear in their hearts the next time they thought about hurting another woman. I blamed doggish, player pimp acting men for all of the drama in the dating world and I still do. It was through their behavior which caused women to use men for money. So I wanted to hate on all the players of the entire Hip Hop dating world. This hate, this message, this community service, this movie Gold Digger Killer is one of my finest pieces of activism.

I shot Gold Digger Killer in August of 2004 and by 2006 it had won 3 film festivals and had screened in over 11 film series. I screened at the Black Film Festival in London along with Tyler Perry. I screened it in Harlem, Atlanta and Washington DC at Howard University. I answered all sorts of questions about dating, players and gold digging woman. These questions I was asked molded me into a fearless dating advisor. By the time Gold Digger Killer was released in 2007 I was already calling myself a Hip Hop Dating coach. I named my college tour Stop the GAME and my motto was “I hate the player and the Game because a player doesn’t have to play the Game.” This movie Gold Digger Killer was originally meant to be a horror movie and even though it is classified as a thriller the message still gets across. Please check it out its available on Netflicks and many retail spots. Feel free to send me your comments and let me know what you think of the message of my movie. Check out the trailer on Youtube.

Here is a review from Black Horror Movies dot com. This will give you an unbiased opinion of my film which started my date coaching career.

Gold Digger Killer (2006)
The title alone should draw plenty of interest to Gold Digger Killer, but allow me to clarify that it doesn’t refer to someone killing gold diggers (sorry, fellas), but rather an accused gold digger killing disrespectful men. Despite the campy title, GDK is a “deadly” serious film that’s more topical than 99% of horror movies today. And if the opening scene, showing a woman performing a self-abortion on the toilet with a wire hanger doesn’t make that abundantly clear, then you should spritz some Windex on your spectacles. Written by Jeff Carroll, co-writer of Holla If I Kill You, Gold Digger Killer is more of an exploitation revenge flick than a whodunit slasher in the mold of Holla...and with about four times the budget. Imani (Shatara Curry), the title character, is struggling to make ends meet after being fired from her job, and, receiving no help from her student (i.e., poverty-stricken) boyfriend, she tells him to kick rocks. Her gold digger girlfriends (who apparently belong to the local abortion clinic’s frequent buyers’ program) convince her to go to a club with them, where she meets a shifty playa named Flip (Esteban Lastra). Assuming she’s the sort of typical gold-diggin’ hoochie he’s used to dealing with, Flip proceeds to drug and rape Imani and invites a few of his friends along for the ride. When Imani comes to, she thirsts for Aquafina and revenge. But mostly revenge. (“I am what you get for using your dick as a weapon,” she vows.) She starts off by killing those who assaulted her, then as her mind continues to scramble, she seeks out random playas to kill (I suppose the film could just as well be called Player Hater), and eventually she snuffs any man who looks at her cockeyed. Gold Digger Killer portrays the vicious cycle between gold digger-itis and player-itis. Materialistic women tend to attract shallow, abusive men, and shallow, abusive men tend to attract women who will cut off their johnsons. This movie pulls no punches; when’s the last time you saw an abortion, a rape, and a castration all vividly shown in a movie not starring Paris Hilton? It’ll even make you think twice about making cat calls or wolf whistles at random women, lest they be a “GD Killa”. Overall, even though a few poetry and stand-up performances slow down the pace of the film a bit, overall it’s a visceral affair with a potent message: Wear a cup!