One of the most common dangers of dating is the stress it causes. I find myself telling people to calm down and relax. Combined with the stresses of the economy and everyday life the additional stress of dating can be the straw that breaks people’s back. Dating is supposed to be the par of life which helps people relieve stress but now for a lot of people its so difficult it is the source of stress. Stressing over a break up or a finding someone to date can prevent you from keeping that smile of availability that is needed to attract people. People with lots of stress are no fun and who wants to a person who is not fun? No one. Not only will stress keep people from meeting people stress is also a health risk.

I know firsthand the stress that dating can cause. When I was 15 years old I had made friends with a kid from a rival town. He was cool because he laughed at all of my jokes and we played pranks on other kids. Later that year a girl he thought he was dating told him she was not his girlfriend and for him to stop telling people she was. He was so broken hearted that he shot himself in the head on her driveway. He was the first kid I knew who got killed.

During my senior year another kid was involved in a weird love triangle. He was a tall dark skin boy star of my school’s track team (even beat me in the 200). He had a girlfriend who he had an on and off relationship with. When she was dating him she was dating another kid. This back and forth went on throughout our three years of high school. The other kid was a short light skin kid with a thuggish swagger. When she dated each kid their relationship’s were always over the top with matching clothes. Well when the prom came around and the girl decided to go with the short light skin kid my friend was so heartbroken he hung himself. He was the second kid who I knew who died.

The stress of male/female relationships causes everything from multiple sclerosis to vision problems to depression and suicide. Here are some of the things which can help people handle the stress caused by dating problems. These tips are for anybody who is stressing from a recent breakup or a struggle with finding the right person to date.

Make a to do list of things you want to accomplish AKA the things to do list of personal improvement.

Find a role model. Find someone in a book or in real life. Someone who has accomplished what you want to. This person can be a married or just in a fun relationship.

Help someone of the opposite sex who needs it. If you can help someone with a dating issue it will help you as well. Even if you help them with some other kind issue it is still good for you because helping people always sends out positive vibes. It’s like Oprah’s “pay if forward” movement. I think this does something to your self conscious. Helping someone reminds you of how it is to give advice and aid which will help you process the advice people are giving you.

Beef up your Entertainment. Music, movies and books all take you away from the problems of the world and can ease your stress. Be sure to not choose love songs or romantic movies and romance novels.

Exercise in a different way than you normally do.

Educate yourself on your problem. Even if your stress is partially caused by other problems other than dating ignorance of an ailment can also cause stress. So, you can ease your stress just by googling what you problem is or going to the library and getting about. There are good books on dealing with break ups and cheating.

Improve your eating. No better excuse to do a cleanse or a diet. I don’t think its just a stereotype that people use the excuse of a bad break up as an excuse to go on an ice cream binge but really you can use that emotion toward the achievement of any goal.

Clean your house and car. Your house is like your mind. If you clean out your house you will be surprised how your head clears as well.

Meditate, pray or go to church.

Get a small note pad which you can carry with you and place next to your bed when you sleep.

Nivia (also my wife) is a Holistic Health counselor and she has a list of natural ways to help with stress. When in a stressful situation you can do the following:

* Stop, check yourself and your thoughts before they escalate
* Breathe, take a minute to close your eyes and breathe deeply, do it several
times if you have to. Counting always helps
* Think, could this situation really get the better of me?
* Choose to stay calm, to look at the situation differently and ask yourself, is
this worth my health?
* Get a regular massage
* Avoid caffeine, alcohol and tobacco products
* Try essential oils like lavender
* Drink water
* Take a mini vacation, visit some friends
* Try herbs in the form of teas such as Peppermint,, Cardamom,, Chamomile, or
* Melatonin a hormone supplement which helps regulate other hormones and
aids with sleep.
* Take a nap

Stress has an effect on every single aspect of your life especially
Women/men reproductive systems.
* Heart/cardiovascular disease is the number 1 cause of death in the US. HTN,
* Diabetes which is partly an emotional disease

Nivia’s juice recipe to reduce stress
* 4 carrots
* Handful of spinach leaves
* 1 granny smith apple
* Small piece of fresh ginger
* Cinnamon and ground cardamom seeds
* Push through juicer add cinnamon and grounded cardamom seeds at the end

I always suggest going to see a Natural Health counselor before you see a traditional medical doctor.

Here is her bio.
Nivia started her career as an Occupational Therapist where she received her Master’s Degree in 1995 from Florida International University. She is certified as a Health and Nutritional Counselor from The Institute of Integrative Nutrition, which is associated with Columbia University. She has appeared on Telemundo and her advice articles have appeared in numerous newspapers and magazines. Her website is