tired.jpgTrying to explain what MS feels like is like trying to explain what the color pink tastes like.

Even if you give an exact description of your symptoms and flare-ups most people still don’t understand the nuances of the disease. Illustrating the various sensation distortions and twinges to someone can make you feel and sound wacky. I usually just say Multiple Sclerosis is like an uninvited stranger who enters your house and slowly destroys everything.

The most significant symptom that I try to get across to people is the fatigue factor. For me it is my biggest enemy and lately it has been getting worse. I never used to get this tired. Some days I’m fine and other days I don’t physically have the energy to stand up. It’s as if my lesions are sucking the life right out of me.

The other day, after saying goodbye to my husband, I was so tired after closing the door behind him I laid down in the foyer doorway until he came back 15 minutes later. He almost hit me with the door when he entered the house. He asked me why I was on the floor and I quickly said I was cleaning something I had spilled. I doubt he believed me but luckily he really didn’t make a big deal out of it. Unfortunately these types of episodes are becoming more and more common for me.

Multiple sclerosis is an insufferable disease and I am beginning to realize that its effects are out of my control. Despite that fact I will listen to my doctor, continue on with my life and pray for the best. It’s just one of those things I’ve been handed and can’t change.

We all have burdens in our lives I just wish mine didn’t come with a fatigue factor.