Throughout our lives we all have experienced some of the best and worst in human nature. I never guessed that I would witness the worst in you. All relationships have ups and downs but you seemed to only want to experience the ups.

When things were going well I could not have asked for a better friend and I want to thank you for all the good times. And because of that I thought you were the best person in my life to help me through any tribulations that would come my way. But as soon as the first problem appeared you were gone. At first you checked out mentally. Then soon after you began to disappear physically. I thought our relationship was forever and you must have thought it was until it got inconvenient.

When I told you I was in pain you said it was in my head. When I could no longer dance you danced with someone else. When I asked for your help you were always too busy. I handed you the keys to my kingdom and you destroyed everything inside. Including my love, my hope and worst of all my trust.

I know it’s hard for people who don’t physically live with a chronic illness to understand what the loss of control feels like, but, man, whatever happened to empathy? You actually treated your dog better than me.

And what hurt the most were all the condescending comments like, “All you do is lay around,” and “Don’t be so lazy”. I think your favorite was, “Come on, it can’t be that bad”.

Why would I fake symptoms?

When I pointed out how you were treating me, you of course blamed me for the way you acted. You actually made me feel bad for having a disease.


But guess what? I forgive you. That’s right, I forgive you!

Even though you probably think you did nothing wrong.

I still forgive you.