Chances are you’ve used many different types of hair oils in your lifetime. In fact, you probably have many tubs of different coconut oil, olive oil and other moisturizers under your bathroom sink. With that being said, it can be very easy to dismiss the latest oil craze. But I’m here to tell you not to dismiss it. Run out to grab Eufora’s Smooth’n Oil Therapy.

This non-greasy, frizz-fighting formula contains the maximum dose of antioxidant-enriched oils that nourish and protect the cuticle. The product is packaged in an 4.2 ounce bottle and is a unique complex of moringa, abyssinian, safflower and olive oils with the added power of shea butter to help increase the manageability and strength of your hair.

Eufora’s Smooth’n Oil Therapy seals in moisture, provides maximum shine and leaves hair silky smooth without adding weight. I am totally in love with the smoothness and shine of this hair product. I even use it on my skin.

Most of us are working against hair frizz on a daily basis, so when a product comes along that actually delivers on its promise of providing sleekness without heavy weight, I’m game. In addition, Eufora has provided a complete regimen to soften and control frizz. I really recommend the entire system: frizz control shampoo and conditioner, a thermal defense prep spray that offers the ultimate in thermal protection up to 450°, a smoothing balm and oil therapy.

Today, I’m reviewing the oil, which I believe is the “breakout star” of this line. In the picture here, I straightened my daughter’s hair with a flat iron after prepping it with Eufora’s Smooth’n Oil Therapy. Her hair was completely dry and in its natural state: curly.

After applying the product, I was able to easily section the hair for a proper straightening application. Her hair smoothed out with ease and felt silky when we were done. It still looked beautiful on post-straightening day 3. I highly recommend this product if you are looking to get a beautiful, smooth look for your mane.

Eufora’s Smooth’n Oil Therapy can be applied to all types of hair textures and naturalistas will be pleased with the shea butter benefit of this oil.

Authentic Eufora products are only sold in independent salons, so you will need to find the Eufora salon nearest you at to get the product. Guess what? It’s well worth it!

Now, below, check out some of the amazing benefits this oil blend provides, courtesy of Eufora International:

Moringa oil.This oil comes from the seeds of the moringa oleifera tree that’s native to the Himalayas. Its healing properties have been documented dating back to ancient Egyptian times. This natural oil contains powerful antioxidants, essential vitamins and minerals and it penetrates easily and deeply into tresses to deliver vital nutrients to the hair and scalp. Moringa oil’s rejuvenating benefits includes helping hair retain moisture to create stronger and healthier tresses. Regular use helps reduce split ends and alleviate symptoms caused by scalp conditions.

Safflower oil. Derived from the safflower seed, this nourishing light-weight oil is rich in oleic acid. Known for its powerful antioxidant benefits, safflower oil is an exceptional moisturizer, shine enhancer and effectively protects the hair from outside stresses.

Abyssinian oil. Crambe abyssinica is native to the Mediterranean and parts of eastern Africa. The plant’s unique molecular structure is not found in any other naturally occurring oil. Abyssinian oil produces a natural, radiant luster and glides onto the surface of strands to form a light, continuous lipid layer that lubricates and protects the hair from friction and damage. Abyssinian oil is easily absorbed and helps detangle and lock moisture into the hair, creating noticeably smoother tressses without greasiness.

Olive oil. Made from the fruit of olea europaea, a common tree found in the Mediterranean, this high-performance, light-weight emollient penetrates deep into the hair making it a stellar moisturizer. The oil also boasts anti-inflammatory properties and promotes scalp health. Olive oil is also rich in high levels of monounsaturated fatty acids, vitamin D and antioxidants that are key for scalp and hair health.

Shea butter. This rich, healing moisturizer comes from nuts from the shea-karite tree, a plant found in the tropics of eastern and western Africa. Shea butter contains a high level of fatty acids known to restore the natural lipid barrier of hair. Shea butter moisturizes, conditions and adds shine to the hair while leaving tresses feeling luxuriously soft and touchable with plenty of incredible body.