This is not your grandmother’s world. This is the 21st century. This is damn near science fiction to people born in the early 1900’s. If you watch any of the science fiction movies of the 50’s, 60’s and even the 70’s they only toyed with the ideas of communication devises. Nothing they dreamed of came close to what some eight year olds are walking around with now. I just got a 4G phone, a “smart phone.” I think calling these portable communicators phones is a misnomer. These are personal computers, personal tracking devices anything but phones. This week we saw congressman Anthony Weiner another politician get caught up in a electronic communication scandal and a 15 year girl getting charged as sex offenders for sending out their own pictures, remember the Craiglist Killer, wow!

These image transfers and easy forms of communication are destroying relationships, sending people to jail and getting people killed. This needs to stop. I think it’s just happening because of sheer ignorance. No matter how basic the information is I still think people don’t know it. The only time I see people sharing safety guidelines on electronic communication is at youth events. These forms of communication are new to everyone not just children even adults need this basic information. Now I don’t want to aid cheaters or anything all I want to do is review these devices and offer some tips on using them. I shall now proceed.Electronic Communication: is the transmission of messages over significant distances for the purpose of communication. It includes the following: telephone, email, tweets, Facebook, Myspace message sending, cell phone texts and skype.

Sexting: is the act of sending sexually explicit messages or photographs electronically, primarily between mobile phones. It is the new form of foreplay. It includes random text messages in the middle of the day to perk sexual desire. The goal is have such a fun banter back and forth that the people will rip their clothes off the next time they see each other. Sexting is popular with teenagers. They take nude and semi-nude pictures (e.g., topless or of genitals) pictures of themselves and distribute those pictures to their friends using their cell phones (however it is also possible to distribute such images via social networking sites, email, instant messaging programs and video chat). Whether it is an adult or teenager the images which are intended for romantic partners often find their way into the hands of others, which then becomes the problem.

Here are my tips on texting and electronic communication.

1. Understand an electronic message does not always convey emotion, no matter how many smiley faces and lols follow the message.
2. Messages and images are not always spontaneous they can be premeditated.
3. Messages and images can be saved and sent to other people besides the person you are communicating with.
4. Messages are legal forms of communication and can be used in court. Sending an electronic message is just like having your voice on the phone. Save any message you feel is offensive to you.
5. Sending or forwarding nude pictures of a minor are illegal even if you are the minor. This includes reposting on facebook or myspace.
6. Do not meet people you meet online for the first time by yourself. Have your first meeting in a public place with the company of a friend or group of friends.
7. Remember all message sending devices are connected and can circulate pictures and messages. This includes but is not limited to cell phones, IPads, camera phones, netbooks, laptops with or without webcams, digital cameras, video game consoles, Digital Book readers and MP3 players.

This is a list which needs to be dated. Who knows what they with do next. I’m surprised they don’t double as remote controls for your TV some phones already start cars. To maximize your safety you have to use your imagination and keep tuned into the news. This is only today’s world and one thing is for sure new technology is yet to come. Yo Jeff out. Hit me