While watching the Olympics I found some of the things the competitor’s said to be very useful to singles. I watched the track and field and the gymnastic competitors and over and over again they all said the same things. Here are five things that helped keep our Olympic athletes mentally ready for the stresses of international completion.

1. Play to your strengths. Allyson Michelle Felix won a gold medal in the 200 meter race. She said that her strength is in the way she finishes so even when Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce the runner from Jamaica started faster than her she didn’t get scared because she knew she would pass her toward the end. If you know a lot about history then go to places where people who have a knowledge of history have an advantage. If you suck at basketball then don’t go to a basketball court to try to get somebody interested in you.
2. Don’t get distracted. Gabby Douglass is credited for getting the US gymnastic team a gold medal not only because she was the best gymnast but because she didn’t get distracted by the media attention. Remember how you want to be treated and how important it is to have a personal connection. Don’t let someone’s shallow qualities like big booty or fancy car distract you and cause you to overlook their more substantive qualities like anger management or respectful conversation.
3. Just do your best but don’t kill yourself. Fierce Five member and Olympic gymnast Jordyn Wieber was the favorite in the floor exercises but she let the pressure of the competition get to her. She tried too hard during her routine causing her to flip too far and step out of bounds on her floor exercise. So instead of winning a gold medal she came in fourth. Even though you maybe think the person you want to date is the person of your dreams no one is worth killing yourself over.
4. Stay focused. Usain Bolt the fastest man in the world defended his 200 meter gold medals. He had lost in previous races to his fellow teammate Yohan Blake and some people doubted his ability to won the gold again. He said even though it was a lot of pressure he didn’t let it take his attention away from his training and achieving his goal. Don’t let someone else’s success cause you to make a mistake. Chances are if you find somebody attractive then chances are other people find them attractive as well. Sometimes these other people do things that the person you like may find nice and you may think the person you like likes the other person more than you. They may have given them a bigger gift or offered them sex. Don’t let their behavior affect the things you do. Stay in your lane and don’t do something you wouldn’t normally do because you might regret it later.
5. Remember your training. The two US runners Dawn Harper and Kellie Wells who beat Lolo Jones in the 100 meter hurdles said even though neither one of them won gold they weren’t upset. They said they ran the best they could and trusted in their training. Trust in who you are. Have confidence in your own qualities and don’t let someone else define you. Just because one person doesn’t like you doesn’t mean you are worthless. Make sure you are neat, clean and smell fresh then if someone doesn’t like you the way you like them move on. Sometimes people try to change themselves to get another person to like them and those types of changes don’t last. Love yourself enough to be yourself and when you find somebody who likes the normal you your relationship will easier.