Spring has sprung!! And with the new season comes more invites to social gatherings, walks in the park, and the perfect time to change up your look. A great way to show your friends a “different you” is changing the way you style your hair, even if it is only for special occasions. If you normally wear your mane in a curly Afro or perhaps you opt for long wavy tresses, straightening your hair can provide an alternative to your normal style choice. Before I put my naturalistas in a state of panic, let me be clear, I am referring to non-chemical straightening. But if you are chemically relaxed, the tips I have provided below will work perfectly to stretch out your new growth.

I believe we’ll see straight looks make a major comeback this year. Up and down the fashion runways the past few months we have seen models with well defined parts and bone-straight hair. It’s not a new trend, it’s a wearable classic trend.

When straightening your hair, you are changing the shape of it. I believe that using heat correctly is the most effective way to accomplish this desired result. With wet hair, you need tension throughout the duration of the drying process. With dry hair, you need heat to mold it. I will share my go-to method for relaxing hair non-chemically.

Flat Iron Pressing
In my humble opinion, flat ironing is the most effective way to get silky straight hair fast, but it is also the most damaging if done incorrectly. And this happens too often when people don’t use a heat protectant. Follow these steps to ensure you maintain your healthy hair.

Step 1: Shampoo and Condition your hair. Be sure to deep condition if necessary.

Step 2: Partially dry your hair with a cotton T-shirt or a non-roughing towel. The key is not to create frizz that you will have to fight against later on.

Step 3: Prep your canvas with a smoothing product and a heat protectant. Skipping this step is often how unwanted damage occur. I suggest a cocktail of Eufora Beautifying Elixirs Leave In Repair, Smooth’n Straightening Balm, and Beautifying Serum. I love its healing and protection benefits. This three part system calms the cuticle, locks in moisture, and prevents damage.

Step 4: Stretch dry your hair by holding small section of your hair with tension as you blow dry. Comb attachment can be used if you are relaxed or you can easily comb through your hair when wet. Wrapping or roller setting the hair under a hooded dryer is an alternate option if time permits.

Step 5: Flat Iron your hair in small, thin cleanly parted sections being sure to chase the iron with a fine tooth comb to achieve added smoothness. To minimize heat damage, pass over the hair no more than two times. This is why stretching your hair prior is essential. Do not use heat above 400. In most cases 300-350 degrees is sufficient. Less heat equals less damage.

Bonus Tip:
Now that you’ve achieved the straight look you want, protect it at night by wrapping your hair in a circular motion around your head (think pineapple) and securing with bobby pins.