Recently, I came across an awesome short on of Lupita Nyong’o sharing her braiding story. (See video below) In the video, she talked about how she learned different braiding techniques from her aunt and hoped to turn doing hair into a side hustle. I really enjoyed hearing her story, especially since I appreciate that even though she is one of Hollywood’s hottest actresses at the moment, she is still taking the time to braid her friends’ hair from time to time.

The video reminded me of why I love doing hair and all of the emotions that come along with my passion. Some techniques you acquire in a classroom setting, but the ones you hold dear to your heart are the ones that were passed on to you from a close relative or a dear friend.

I learned how to braid from my sister and it’s a wonderful tradition that I am now passing on to my daughter. My hope is that she will one day pass cornrowing and plaiting on to her children as well.

Braiding is a cultural tradition that has been passed down through generations spanning centuries and going back all the way to the dawn of civilization. We are all fortunate that this tradition never died out and is now shared by all cultures throughout the world. I like to think that every day that passes there’s a girl who will know what it feels like to sit for one hour or eight while someone creates a beautiful braided story on their head.

Smile. Have you passed this beloved skill on to anyone recently?

Lupita Nyong’o gets together with her friends for a braiding party: