Are you a “Soul Food Junkie”? What a powerful, simple and relevant topic for discussion for our community! For years we have been raised on soul food meals made from recipes passed down from our great great great grandmothers/grandfathers or aunties/uncles, etc. Macaroni and cheese packed with cheese, milk and butter, collard greens cooked in cured smoked ham hocks loaded with salt, deep fried chicken swimming in a pot of oil, and the menu goes on and on. I grew up with the same menu and I loved eating every bit of it throughout adulthood until I was forced to change my lifestyle due to my diagnosis of Thyroid Disease and Rheumatoid Arthritis at 23 years old! I didn’t change immediately because I didn’t know that food could have been part of my issue; it wasn’t until 12 years later when a doctor educated me on the relationship of food and inflammation in my body. So, I had to change!

During the transformation, I realized that food was addictive! I missed having red velvet cake, pecan pie, all-you-can-eat fried catfish, and fried pork chops served with white rice and creamy gravy made from the drippings in the pan. Yes, I was a Soul Food Junkie and I had to go to rehab and transition one day at a time. Just like in rehab, I had to remove myself from being around all of my favorites so I cleaned out my pantry, which meant throwing away things. Now, I’m 7 years clean!

Recently, I had the opportunity to view a documentary produced, written, and directed by Byron Hurt, called “Soul Food Junkies.” This film is awesome and a must see. It’s a new year, and it’s time for you to assess your situation and ask the question are you a Soul Food Junkie? If you don’t know, then watch this documentary and make the necessary adjustments if needed!

For more information, contact Byron Hurt via his website