After you have researched the venue menu and found a place with attracts people with values you like. And after you have armed yourself with some good opening lines. Then after you have stocked your pockets with a pen to make notes, a mirror to check your appearance and a small pad. When you are fully ready to take on your adventure of meeting someone I’d like to give a coaches last words before you go. You can use this no matter where you are going. Whether it is a grocery store, spring fair, a business networking event, bar or family reunion there are some keys factors which apply to all of them. Here is a list my 5 keys to meeting people you like.

1. Rehearse, No matter how much you’ve read or how many times you met people before it’s always a good practice to go over in your head what you would like to say before you make your next approach. Play out the possible scenarios in your head. Think about the variety of things somebody will say to what you want to say. If you can’t think of a positive response think of something else to say.
2. Release, Now after you have a good opening line to say the next thing you have to do is say it. Don’t let those good lines stay in your head. Unless you’re trying to meet a psychic, keeping a good opening line to yourself is a waste of a good opportunity.
3. Review, Whether you’ve made a connection and got a phone number or not it is important for you to review whatever happened. Even if you aced it and you think you’ve met your future spouse make sure you your review and take notes. Mental notes are good but jotting down whatever you can is good.
4. Reload, Never stop at meeting one person in a night. It’s like putting all your eggs in one basket. So pull out your note pad and take a look around and find somebody else. Think of another opening line to say and get out there and use it. Don’t worry about someone you met seeing you talk to other people because when people see you with other people interested in you that builds up your value. If they see you don’t deny the truth. You can invite them to join your circle. If they get jealous then good for you because you learned how they are without even dating them.
5. Repeat, Even if you can’t think of something different to say you gotta get back out there. If your line doesn’t work on one person it doesn’t mean it won’t work on the next person. There’s one thing I constantly have to tell people that meeting people is a numbers game or a game of repetition. You have to repeat your routines over and over until you come off natural. Its not easy, you have to get used to approaching people and making conversation with them enough for it to become fun.

One of my clients said their problem isn’t meeting people its getting them to call back and go out on a date. My answer to people with this problem is, not getting a call back or a first date directly relates to how you meet people. There is no secret agency who calls people you meet and tell them not to call you. If people don’t call you or make time to go on a first date with you it is because you didn’t wow them enough when you met them. When you first meet people you have to be memorable in addition to being attractive. Learn how to manage your responses to the questions about yourself that people commonly ask. Learn how to manage a conversation. Listening and answering are skills which have to be practiced in order to be good at meeting people. I will blog about this soon but for now remember practice makes perfect.