In order to meet your Soul Mate you have to let your Soul Date. What kind of mate does your Soul want? What kind of Soul does your Soul like? I hear people always asking each other do they believe in Soul Mates? They even ask me do you believe in there being one person whom each of us is destined to meet, like in the movies?

When they ask me that question I ask them a question. I ask them what is a soul mate? What type of person would your soul date? Where do people meet their soul mates? Answers to those questions don’t come back too quickly. They usually provoke thought and lead to a conversation. The fact is most people don’t know what they want in a date and when they have an idea they have a list of unrealistic, shallow things. The criteria people have on their lists don’t help them find a soul mate in fact many people’s lists make it harder for them to find their soul mates.

I believe a soul mate relationship or what people believe is a soul mate relationship is just a good relationship with people who are very compatible. Couples who don’t argue are often considered soul mates but even with them I believe they are products of good dating. I believe that many people don’t allow their souls to contribute to their screening processes. So to help people think of some of the things their souls would like in a person I have compiled a list of ten behaviors that would make my soul happy. Maybe they will make your soul happy as well.

  1. Admiration. Souls thrive off of admiration. Admiration is a beautiful manifestation of love. When you are admired by people they tell other people about your qualities and the things that you do.
  2. Respect. Souls want to be respected. Respect is displayed and not something you can just say. Respect is when your partner wants your partner to ask your answer for an important question because he values your take on different subjects. Someone who feels what you are saying is important is someone who respects you.
  3. Kindness. When something nice is done to you it makes your soul feel good. I want someone who will do nice things for me. Things which display kindness are not the big gifts but the mean something to you.
  4. Consideration. My soul loves when the person I am in a relationship changes their schedule to accommodate me. My soul loves when the person I’m dating thinks about how I will feel before they do or say something. My soul cannot take a person who does and says whatever they want without thinking about me beforehand.
  5. Thoughtfulness. My soul loves when the person I am dating remembers small details about me. This is the dating quality that is just what the it says it is. My soul wants someone who will include me in their activities and remembers things about me and my life.
  6. Praise. My soul wants for me to be with someone who complements me after I achieved something. Someone who thinks highly of me and tells me that. My soul wants someone who encourages me and pushes me forward. Making me do bigger and better things.
  7. Joy. If there is one thing my soul loves it is to be happy. I love smiling and laughing. My soul wants me to bring someone into my life that makes me feel happy and not someone who makes me sad or upset.
  8. Pleasure. This is more than just making me happy this is the feeling that only comes from an intimate type of activity. The pleasure my souls requires comes from carefree love making where its not a wham bam thank you maam type of thing. Soul pleasing love making is everything all at once. Patient, passionate and satisfying.
  9. Peace. I like to say peace rather than protection. I like to say peace rather than protection. The peace my soul wants doesn’t come from physical protection it comes from calmness. Some people find someone who provides them with physical protection and still don’t get peace because the person they have protecting them threatens their safety as well. Peace is serenity. It is the absence of worry and frustrations. When you are in a relationship with peace you can sleep without thinking about the stability of your relationship.
  10. Comfort. My soul wants to be comfortable. My soul wants to someone who will be able to be satisfied. Having comfort doesn’t mean you don’t have goals or ambitions, it is the feeling that you can live with what you have, What you have is good enough.

Now, ask your soul where can you find someone with these qualities? And listen to your soul when it tells you that a person with these qualities can be found anywhere.

Ask your soul what kind of job will this type of person have? Could they work at McDonalds or another fast food spot, Walmart, the sanitation department or the cable company, what about the post office, UPS, Parks and Recreation? Are they a mechanic or do they work in retail, hospitality, Food service, how about landscaping or child care?

Ask your soul what this ideal soul mate will look like? Do you think your soul will have only tall guys or big booty women on their list? Will this soul mate make six figures or will they be comfortable in their mid level position? Will they drive a fancy car with all the modern features or will they drive a ten year old car? Will they be wearing expensive clothes and dressed like a baller?

Ask yourself what type of person you are looking for again. Ask yourself do you look for these characteristics when you are dating?