A new study from Kings College London shows that consistent physical activity can take ten years off your actual age. Participants who had at least 30 minutes of moderate physical activity—such as a brisk walk—five days a week and 20 minutes of vigorous activity—such as jogging—three days a week were found to have younger physical bodies than those with sedentary lifestyles regardless of age, gender, smoking, socioeconomic class or body mass index.

These findings were based on blood samples of 2,400 British twins, which were used to examine the length of chromosome tips—or telomeres—on each of their white blood cells. Since telomeres shorten each time a cell divides, scientists used them as a factor to determine biological age, writing that length difference “suggests that inactive subjects may be biologically older by 10 years compared with more active subjects.

Before hitting the pavement, however, check with your doctor to find out if the vigorous activity suggested is right for you.