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Penn. Man Robs Pharmacy Threatening to Use Needle With HIV

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daniel mclean henry

I wonder if the same sort of dust storm would have arisen from a man holding a needle loaded with HCV, syphilis, or the dreaded herpes. The idiocracy loves the hype and s plundering of rationality that such a story filled with so much hog wash will bring about. The very fact that it is a story taking up valuable space and time makes the reporting agency just as liable for spreading ignorance

January 17, 2012 clarkston

Gary H.

I live in the county (Berks)where these incidents took place. This unkind, drug addicted young man is in jail on $4 Million bail. He is charged with robbery and making terroristic threats. What other crime he can not be charged with criminally is the proliferation of stigma and ignorance. This is Pennsylvania Dutch Country where both run rampant, even from communities that should know better. I am advocating and educating more profusely now, not that I mind.

January 17, 2012 Hambrg, PA


Wow. Where is wyomissing. Is that really the name of the place?

January 17, 2012 los a gles


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