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World Health Organization Set to Change the Way Doctors Treat Transgender People

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Wmljenkins, thank you. This isn't related to sexual or mental health. This is a gender issue. By definition I'm not a Transgender, but a Transsexual woman. Stop making me feel like I have a mental disorder. There's nothing wrong with my brain. Infact, I'm a very healthy physical and mental transexual woman. To say I have a mental disorder is like saying religion is a mental disorder. In which some cases is. Nothing we do harms neither ourselves nor others. It's not a mental disorder.

July 4, 2016 USA


A condition "related to sexual health"? So please re-educated me as to why this "Gender Orientation" condition is being deemed a "sexual health" condition? I've spent the past 15 mos educating others about the differences. Transgender "ism" is a "Gender Orientation" condition, their "sexual orientation" is a total difference. I have a transgender son who is pan sexual. Two different categories. (Or "conditions" as the health field must deem them).

June 23, 2016 Canada


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