Dissatisfaction with hair can affect women’s outlook on life, according to a national ShopSmart magazine telephone poll, reported by USA Today.

For the poll, the Consumer Reports National Research Center surveyed 1,031 women, ages 18 and above. Poll results showed 44 percent of the women said their mood was affected by a bad hair day, 26 percent cried after a bad hair cut and a third regretted a style change.

Poll results also showed that the biggest complaints women had about their hair concerned its thickness and color.

In addition, the survey found that women coughed up mucho money and time to have perfect hair. (Each year, the average woman spends $195 on haircuts and $260 on coloring services.)

Other hair issues that caused women mental anguish included the type of hair they had, its color, its condition and manageability, the time required for maintenance, graying and fallout.

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